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Sunday 6 December 2020

Virtual Shala online Exam for std 9 TO 12 Students see the steps on how to take the exam and Exam Link.

 Virtual Shala online Exam for std 9 TO 12 Students see the steps on how to take the exam & Exam Link.

Due to the corona pestilence, many long-term Gujarat state is going to work in all primary schools as well as higher secondary and school colleges. The process of online education provided by school teachers is known as Learning. Under the guidance of the education department in the government, teachers are teaching online education. Online education students can study themselves without being at school. 

Students are referred to as the home learning to study their home. By means of the school teachers, by means of DD Girter's channel, E Class is provided by the medium of class. According to the government's guidance, it is issued a timetable schedule for home learning early. This time the teachers raise the responsibility of teachers to manage students to deliver to students.The students of the school are currently taking education through various mediums.  During home learning, teachers are teaching students through Microsoft team, DD Girnar and YouTube. 

The government has asked the school teachers to start home learning system as schools cannot be reopened in the near future due to cores.  Arrangements have been made for the school teachers to use various mediums so that the students can sit at home and take education.  The Home Study Book has been provided by the government to check the various education taken by the students of the school through home learningConsidering the current situation, the government has been arranged by the government to sit at home and be educated by the government. This arrangement is known as Home Learning by the Government. By means of the DD Giraar, the purpose of the DD Girainer, the government can also be educated by the DD Girainer's medium as well as the teaching portal of the Deep Girnar, as well as the teachings of the Baptist. Students who do not have a smartphone that has smartphones can also lead to their education on Gotw or by the by -ysag channel. All students studying in schools by the government have given the application of the application of Microsoft Team and Password. All the teachers of the school are also given the Microsoft App's User ID and Password Password prepared by the government. 

 Teachers and students can take education and take education after being logged in the Microsoft team and login using the password. School teachers have to prepare Microsoft's schedule. 

The timetable of the Microsoft team is delivered to students who have created the timetable. Provides

online education to children corresponding to this time statement. School students can also take education

to sit at home using Microsoft team. The efforts of students who use apps and media in different types of government are being deprived of education. All the officers associated

with teaching have been responsible for this task, because one of the state of Gujarat state will not be deprived of education.  Students can learn how much they have accomplished in the various topics learned through home learning in the Home Learning Book.  In this situation of the current Corona epidemic, students are set.
aying at home and taking education through various means.  As p
er the guidelines given by the government, in the present situation, since the students cannot be called to the school, arrangements have been made for the students to study at home.  Home learning has been arranged so that students can get education at home without coming to school.  Students cannot stop their education because they cannot come to school.  In order to continue the education of the students, arrangements have been made to impart education to the students using various mediums.  Students can get education with the help of QR code in DD Girnar, Diksha application and also through YouTube.  Students who do not have any arrangement for getting education at home are asked to make arrangements for education at other place in the village where television facility is available.

Virtual Shala online Exam for std 9 TO 12 Students see the steps on how to take the exam & Exam Link.
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Tuesday 27 October 2020

Virtual Classroom Weekly Timetable for Microsoft Team | useful for All Teachers from online home Learning

Virtual Class Aayojan for Std 3 to 5 and 6 to 8 : Gujarat Education Department and SSA have written a letter to all primary school teachers through Microsoft team to conduct online virtual classes.  It has also been instructed to prepare a class for all.  Here the planning is prepared for standard 3 to 8 as per this instruction and paripatra.  You can download and use this planning file from here.

Std 3 To 8 Microsoft Teams Class Aayojan In Excel File

Virtual Class Paripatra: Microsoft Team App Dwara Tamam Schoolo Ma Virtual Class Babat SSA no Paripatra. Matter of teaching through virtual class through Microsoft Teams in all schools.pdf

Subject: You are well aware of the fact that in all schools, teaching through Microsoft Teams Virtual Classes, the education of children in schools has become irregular in the time of Covid-19. The teachers of your district are going to school and doing home learning of all the children without device in their own way. As per the instructions, Daily is also informing the parents about home learning.

Virtual Class Daily Time table

In addition to std. 9-10 and std. Live webcasts are also being conducted through YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Geo TV under Gujarat Virtual School for 11-12.

Also through the entire education whether the students have the device under home learning? A survey was conducted to find out and it was found that a large number of 40% students in the state are using digital devices. The approach of the state government education department has taken many initiatives and efforts to ensure that not a single student is deprived of education during the Kovid epidemic.

As part of this, Microsoft has created a user account for all children and teachers studying in all the government and grant aided schools of Std.

It turns out that at present only a few teachers are teaching children using Microsoft Teams. From here on out, you are expected to conduct a virtual class through Microsoft Teams, using adequate IT materials available at the school and, if necessary, teachers using their own devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. You are also expected to join certain categories from the district level.

Virtual Class Paripatra: Microsoft Team App Dwara Tamam Schoolo Ma Virtual Class Thi Shikshan Aapva Babat Paripatra

Virtual Classroom Weekly Timetable for Microsoft Team | useful for All Teachers from online home Learning

Important Link

Std - 3 To 8 Microsoft Team Virtual Class Time Table in Excel File



Download Standard 6 Teacher Edition : CLICK HERE

Download Standard 7 Teacher Edition : CLICK HERE

Download Standrad 8 Teacher Edition : CLICK HERE

ધોરણ 1 થી 8 નું નવું વાર્ષિક આયોજન ડાઉનલોડ કરવા Click here

માઈક્રોસોફ્ટ ટીમ  સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે ધોરણ:- 3 અને 4 -. CLICK HERE

માઈક્રોસોફ્ટ ટીમ  સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે ધોરણ:-5 -. CLICK HERE

માઈક્રોસોફ્ટ ટીમ  સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે ધોરણ:-6 થી 8 -. CLICK HERE


Microsoft Team Virtual Class Aayojan - Std 3 To 8 MS Teams Class Aayojan In Excel File Download

Guidelines for the use of masks, social distants and sanitizers must be strictly followed during these examinations.  The duration of the examination should be two hours instead of three hours.  And will have to take the exam in multiple shifts if required.

 Examination centers should be set up at taluka level / local level for conducting the examination.  In case the epidemic situation of COVIP-19 is not normal and the guidelines of social distance cannot be followed, 50% marks will be given to the students of Intermediate Semester 2,4,6 on the basis of internal assessment and the remaining 50% marks will be given immediately on the basis of previous semester.
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Monday 10 August 2020

[STD- 9 to 12| VIRTUAL CLASS |Home Learning Virtual Class Daily video

[STD- 9 to 12| VIRTUAL CLASS |Home Learning Virtual Class Daily videos
The education department has issued a notification on June 9 with some rules regarding the educational performance of state schools in the wake of the Corona epidemic.  In which it is said that schools will be started from 9th June but students are not allowed to come to school till 30th June.  But teachers have to come to school.  However the power to call the teachers as required has been delegated to the head teacher.  Admission process of Std. 1 and 2 will be started from 8th.  On the other hand, students will be taught at home from 12 noon.  Because of Corona, parents are worried about how to send their children to school.  However, the government's refusal to send students to school has brought some relief to the parents.
The state government had ordered the students not to attend school in view of the core malaise.  However, a free online study platform has been created for students studying in Std. 3 to 12 across the state so that the study process is not disrupted
 From today, students from all over the state including Bharuch district will be able to study from home on Vande Gujarat channel through DD Girnar and Byseg.  The schedule of DD Girnar's educational programs has been published so that the students can prepare the subject matter in a timely manner and learn effectively in online study.  In which only students of Std. 9 for the first 6 days will be able to study from 12 to 1 in the afternoon. Students of Std. 9 will be able to study from 21st June while programs for Std. 10 students will not be published on DD Girnar.  Only Std 12 students will be able to study for 8 days starting from 3 to 4 in the afternoon, not Std 11 students.  For the next 5 consecutive days, Std 11 students will be able to watch the program on DD Girnar, not Std 12. Educational programs will be published on various channels of Vande Gujarat by Byseg. Besides, programs will also be uploaded on the Board's YouTube channel 'GSHSEB Gandhinagar'  Study material will have to be delivered to all the schools through the District Education Officer.  The principal of the school has been entrusted with the responsibility of informing parents and students about the home learning program.
As per Syllabus accepted by Gujarat Government Std. 1-12 besides Gujarati Medium other in 7 mediums – Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil good quality text after being prepared having printing then at reasonable price is available to all students in time in such manner distribution is to be done.

Teacher work books, self work boooks and other educational things to be prepared.

To improve primary, secondary and higher level course for it researches are conducted and it is encouraged.

[STD- 9 to 12| VIRTUAL CLASS |Home Learning Virtual Class Daily videos

Standard:-12 Science Virtual Claas Room video
Standard:-12 Commerce Virtual Claas Room video
Parents who have been worried about having to send their children to school during coronavirus times can breathe a sigh of relief. The State Primary Education Department has decided against reopening schools at least till June 30. However, to ensure that academics does not suffer, Education department has decided to begin academics through home-learning mode from June 15.

[STD- 9 to 12| VIRTUAL CLASS |Home Learning Virtual Class Daily videos

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