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Thursday 21 July 2022

15 Reasons Why Indian Railways Network is Considered Best In The World

15 Reasons Why Indian Railways Network is Considered Stylish In The World 


The first recorded brume- hauled road trip took place long back on 21 February 1804 from Penydarren Ironworks( a community for manufacturing iron goods in South Wales) to Abercynon( a small vill in South Wales). It took nearly 50 times for the British East India Company to establish its first Rail Track in India under the supervision of British officer Lord Dalhousie( also known as the father of Indian Railroads). He was a Governor- General of India at that period. 

Now Indian Railroads is India’s public road system operated by the Ministry of Railroads( one of the ministries in the Government of India, responsible for the country’s rail transport). As of March 2017, it operates the fourth- largest rail network in the world and is,368 km wide. 

Being the 7th largest country in the world, and having similar geological diversity was always in need of some network that connects the metropolises altogether and this need was fulfilled by Indian Railway. Indian Railway took its time to came whim-whams of the whole nation but it started way before complete road transport was available to the common folk of Inda. Railway changed the course of the history and frugality of India as it did for no other country in the world. 

We moment may feel too forgot its significance due to other means of transportation, still, without the road, their employment would n’t have been possible. Following are some data and numbers about Indian road that really make it stylish in the world. 

1. Indian road is 168 Years old 

Indian road in 1853 

The commencement of the Indian road dates back to 16 April 1853. The first train track was 33 kilometers in length and was started between Mumbai and Thane. It was able to carry 400 passengers, another intriguing fact about it's that day was declared as a vacation by the British Government. 


2. It carries original Population of Australia Every Day 

Yes, every day 23 million people use Indian road to move from one place to another. This fact on its own enough to show one significance of the Indian road. We can really say that it carries the nation on its dogfaces. 

3. It Really does some heavy lifting 

Not only people but a huge volume of freight is carried by Indian road. There are,421 freight trains operating in India and they're able to carry 3 million tonnes( MT) of freight daily. 

4. Indian Railway has its own finances 

Back in the fiscal time of 1920- 1921 a separate commission and budget were made for the development of Indian road. In 1924 all of its finances were separated from other Government finances. 

5. Other transport has taken the cargo off the Indian road now 

 In 1950’s Indian Railway used to carry 75 of public transport and 90 of freight of the whole nation still due to other mediums of transportation, it has reduced to 15 and 30. independently. 

6. It even has a Mascot

Indian road indeed has a charm who's an giant named- Bholu. It can be seen wearing guard dress at colorful places, still, it isn't veritably common. 

7. Its Max Speed is 180 Km/ hr 

Vande Bharat Express is the fastest train in Indian and has a maximum speed of 180 Km/ hr. still, due to safety enterprises speed is confined to 130km/ hr. Anything above it could have been veritably dangerous. 

8. Indian road is fourth- largest in the world 

Length of Indian road tracks is,368- kilometre it's long enough to cover the ambit one and a half time. Railway networks of the USA, Russia and China are the only bones in the world that are longer than India. 

9. Its slowest speed is 10 km/ hr 

Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri Passenger train is the slowest train in the Indian road system, with a speed of 10 km/ hr. It's because of the hilly area where the train ca n’t achieve a veritably high speed. 

10. It's one of the World’s largest employers 

Indian road has1.6 million that keep the whole system running for the world’s largest republic. Its is arguably one of the top 10 employers of the world. 

11. New Delhi Main Station has a place in Guinness Book of World record 

Having the world’s largest route relay interlocking system made New Delhi Main Station get a name in Guinness Book of World record. It makes Delhi station a mecca for all the road networks in India. 

12. Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh has the longest platform in the world 

Having a length more that1.3 kilometres Gorakhpur road station in Uttar Pradesh has the longest platform. 

13. It's set to have the loftiest road ground 

Chenab Bridge will be erected in the union home of Jammu & Kashmir and it'll be 359 m above Chenab swash and will have a length of1.3 Kilometers. It's indeed advanced than the Effie Tower. 

 14. It has 7500 stations 

Indian road is so large that 7500 stations are demanded to hold it all together. These stations carry out the task of lading and unloading of passengers and colorful conservation- related tasks too. 

15. It has the oldest brume Locomotive 

Indian road has the Fairy Queen. It's the oldest brume locomotive that's still running. It runs between New Delhi and Rajasthan and was constructed back in 1855. In 1998 it also got a Guinness book of world record. 

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