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Saturday 28 August 2021

AICTE Pragati Scholarship For Girls | Progress Scholarship Scheme. National Scholarship Portal.AICTE Pragati Scholarship For Girls | પ્રગતિ સ્કોલરશીપ યોજના । National Scholarship Portal

 AICTE Pragati Scholarship For Girls | Progress Scholarship Scheme. National Scholarship Portal.AICTE Pragati Scholarship For Girls | પ્રગતિ સ્કોલરશીપ યોજના । National Scholarship Portal

Pragati Scholarship Scheme For Girl Diploma Student | Progress Scholarships for Diploma Students. 2.00 lakh scholarships Pragati Scholarship Scheme For Girl Degree Student | Progress Scholarships for Degree Students.

The contribution of both men and women is essential for the development of the nation. The country can achieve rapid growth when there is equal development of women and men in the political, social, economic and educational spheres. To meet this objective, the Government of India and the State Governments are implementing various women oriented schemes. Many government schemes are working for women empowerment, protection of women, dignified life of women in the society and expansion of education. Such as Mahila Swavalamban Yojana, One Stop Center, 181 Mahila Helpline, Widow Assistance Scheme, Old Age Assistance Scheme, Free Education for Girls, Scholarships for Higher Education for Students etc.

AICTE Pragati Scholarship 2021-2022

AICTE, under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD, Government of India, has implemented a number of schemes and scholarships to accelerate technical education. AICTE's full name is All India Council for Technical Education. Which works to increase the scope of women's education. For which Pragati Scholarship Scheme has been issued. The objective of Pragati Scholarship is to empower women, enhance their skills and create a better future by imparting technical education.

Purpose of Pragati Scholarship

Education is essential for the empowerment of women. It is hoped that by getting technical education, women will also accelerate the development of the nation. With this in mind, Pragati Scholarship Yojana is given by the Central Government. These scholarships are given financially to girls studying for diplomas and degrees. So that women can build a better future by getting maximum technical education successfully.

Pragati Scholarship Eligibility

This scholarship is given by the All India Council for Technical Education to girls studying in Degree and Diploma courses. For which certain rules and eligibility are fixed. Which are as follows.

These scholarships are given to women only.

 Eligible for female students who get admission in the first year of Degree / Diploma Course.

• Admission in the second year of Degree / Diploma Course through Lateral Entry from any institution recognized by AICTE.

• If a maximum of 2 girls in a family will be considered for the benefit.

 The annual income of the family should not exceed Rs. 8 lakhs.

Reserved for Progress Scholarship

Reservation for AICTE Pragati scholarship form will be as per Government of India rules.

The provision of reserves will be as per the rules of Central Government of India.

• If there is a vacancy in any reserved category (ST / SC / OBC), the vacancy will be transferred to the general category.

સ્કોલરશીપનું નામ

Pragati Scholarship 2021-2022


All India Council of Technical Education


Girl Students

આવક મર્યાદા

8 લાખ સુધી કુટુંબની આવક મર્યાદા

ઓનલાઈન અરજી

AICTE Pragati Scholarship Apply Online

અધિકૃત સરકાર

સ્ટેટ્સ ચેક

National Scholarship Portal Application Status Click Here

મેરીટ લિસ્ટ

Pragati Scholarship Merit List 2021 – 2022

આગળના વર્ષના

સ્કોલરશીપ ચાલુ(Renewal)

national scholarship portal renewal 2021-22

Number of Scholarship

The number of students to be awarded scholarships for Aicte –Pragati Scholarship Scheme For Girl Students Diploma / Degree has been decided. This scholarship is awarded annually.

 Progress Scholarship will be given to 5000 students who get admission in Diploma course.

5000 students who get admission in degree course will be given progress scholarship.

• Scholarships will be transferred to Diploma / Degree if the required qualification is not found in both these courses.

5,000 Scholarships will be given to 5,000 girls in states as per Annexure-A.

• Scholarships will be awarded to female students from 13 states of India or Union Territories in Annexure-A number if they have applied online for Pragati Scholarship.

Diploma Course

5000 Scholarships

Degree Courses

5000 Scholarships

Important Note:

Scholarships will be awarded by AICTE to as many eligible students from 13 states or Union Territories of India as have submitted the Online Form.

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (UT)

2. Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Diu and Daman

3. Jammu and Kashmir (UT)

4. Ladakh (UT)

5. Lakshadweep

6. Arunachal Pradesh

7. Assam

8. Manipur

9. Meghalaya

10. Mizoram

11. Nagaland

12. Sikkim

13. Tripura

National Scholarship Portal Amount of Pragati Scholarship

The amount of Diploma and Degree Assistance under Progress Scholarship is paid through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer). In which Progress Scholarships are awarded for the following.

• Women are given college fees for technical education, purchase of computers, stationery, books, tools etc.

 This assistance is not provided for hostel charge and medical charge.

No document attachment will be required for payment of the above expenses.

• Progress Scholarship to the students will be credited to the account of the students through DBT.

સ્કોલરશીપનું નામ

સમય મર્યાદા

સહાયની રકમ

Pragati Scholarship
for Diploma Courses

3 વર્ષ (પ્રથમ વર્ષના વિદ્યાર્થીઓની માટે)

-     2 વર્ષ (બીજા વર્ષના વિદ્યાર્થીનીઓ માટે) 

દર વર્ષે 50,000/-(પચાસ હજાર)

કુલ 1.5 લાખ રૂપિયા

Pragati Scholarship
for Degree Courses

-     4 વર્ષ (પ્રથમ વર્ષના વિદ્યાર્થીઓની માટે)

-     3 વર્ષ (બીજા વર્ષના વિદ્યાર્થીનીઓ માટે)

દર વર્ષે 50,000/- (પચાસ હજાર)

કુલ 2.00 લાખ રૂપિયા

Pragati Scholarship Documents List

Online application is accepted by NSP by Government of India. The National Scholarship Portal Documents List has been announced for online application. So diploma and degree students will have to fill the online form by submitting the following documents.

• Pragati Scholarship 2021-22 Application Form

પ્રમાણ Certificate of Annual Income of the family (Taluka Mamlatdar and Officer above Taluka Development Officer)

Marksheet Std-10/12 and others

Admission letter

• Director / Principal of College / Head of Institution

વતી Receipt of tuition fee

aadhar card

• Bank passbook (should be linked to Aadhaar card.)

• Certificate of ST / SC / OBC breed

• Declaration by Parents

 To be eligible for the scholarship, one has to apply online from the official website of National Scholarship Portal (NSP)

કરતાં Carefully read the aicte pragati scholarship guidelines before applying for the Pragati Scholar online. So that the application is successfully applied.

State Wise Scholarship Distribution

State-wise Scholarships are distributed in the Progress Scholarships run by the Central Government AICTE. In which seats are allotted for diploma / degree. Scholarships will be given to a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 800 students statewide.

Pragati Scholarship 2021-22 Last Date

Program date

Scholarship Application

Start Date August / September 2021

Last Date for Application


Last date for

Defective Verification 15-12-2021

Last date for

Institute Verification 15-12-2021

State Diploma Scholarship Degree Scholarship

Bihar 84 52

Arunachal Pradesh 318 566

Delhi 50 50

Thirty-two 62 62

Gujarat 284 219

Chandigarh 50 50

Goa 50 50

Haryana 191 134

Himachal Pradesh 50 50

Karnataka 365 398

Kerala 109 196

Jharkhand 67 50

Madhya Pradesh 192 285

Maharashtra 624 553

Odisha 205 134

Pondicherry 50 50

Punjab 208 124

Rajasthan 170 152

Tamil Nadu 700 800

Telangana 206 424

Uttar Pradesh 700 422

Uttarakhand 81 50

West Bengal 184 129

Total Scholarship 5000 5000

National Scholarship Portal Selection Criteria

Some rules and eligibility are set for progress scholarships for diploma and degree students. Which are as follows.

• Scholarship will be given to women candidates on the basis of merit of selection qualifying examination.

Scholarships will be distributed and merit list will be prepared on the basis of states.

• If more than one candidate has the same qualification marks then the selection process will be done on the basis of Elder Age.

• If the age is also the same and the merit cannot be determined then the annual income of the family will be taken into consideration.

Pragati Scholarship Renewals

Candidates who get Scholarship in the next year under Pragati Scholarship will have to renew. Candidates will have to apply online to renew the national scholarship portal. If female students who receive scholarships fail in the current year, the scholarship will not be eligible in the next year.

AICTE Pragati Scholarship Helpline Number

The helpline has been announced in case of online application or any other problem for the progress scholarship run by the Government of India. Which are as follows.

Sc National Scholarship Portal Helpline - 0120-6619540

·       Scholarship Queries –

સ્કોલરશીપનું નામ

Pragati Scholarship 2021-2022


All India Council of Technical Education


Girl Students

આવક મર્યાદા

લાખ સુધી કુટુંબની આવક મર્યાદા

ઓનલાઈન અરજી

AICTE Pragati Scholarship Apply Online

અધિકૃત સરકાર

સ્ટેટ્સ ચેક

National Scholarship Portal Application Status Click Here

મેરીટ લિસ્ટ

Pragati Scholarship Merit List 2021 – 2022

આગળના વર્ષના સ્કોલરશીપ ચાલુ(Renewal)

National Scholarship Portal Renewal 2021-22

ડિગ્રી માર્ગદર્શિકા

Pragati Scholarship Guidelines for Degree Students

ડિપ્લોમા માર્ગદર્શિકા

Pragati Scholarship Guidelines for Diploma Students

Pragati Scholarship Apply Online Steps

Female students of diploma and degree will have to apply online to get Progress Scholarship. For which online form has to be filled from national scholarship portal. The steps to apply are as follows.

1. Go to Google Search Box and type National Scholarship Portal.

2. Then NSP's website will open.

3. In which to do on UGC / AICTE Sachems in which to do on “All India Council For Technical Education-AICTE”.

4. Now read the guide of “Pragati Scholarship Scheme For Girl Students (Technical Degree / Deploma)”.

5. Then if the candidate is a Fresh Student then for him “New User? Click on Register.

6. In which to prepare the document for progress scholarship by scanning the document in one's own computer as per national scholarship portal upload documents.

7. Now Fresh Registration For Academic Year 2021-22 will open in which the candidate has to fill in his complete information.

8. Then the applicant has to fill in the details of his Aadhaar card carefully and click on REGISTER.

9. If the student's online application is successfully registered, the application ID and password will come on his registered mobile, which must be saved.

10. Student for Scholarship will have to open his / her Information and Document Filling page on “Login to Apply” with his / her Application ID and password.

11. After successfully logging in for the first time, the first thing to do is to change your password.

12. In which the student has to fill General and Academic details, other information, contact information etc.

13. After filling the information, the applicant will have to upload the required document.

14. After uploading all the information and documents, check the complete information and do FINAL SUBMIT.

AICTE Pragati Scholarship 2021 for Girls - FAQs

1. Who is eligible for Progress Scholarship?

This scholarship is eligible to meet female students studying diplomas and degrees.

2. Progress Scholarship How many daughters in a household

Get it

This scholarship benefits 2 (two) daughters in one house.

3. What is the family income limit for Pragati Scholarship?

The annual income of the family should not be more than Rs 8 lakh to avail this scholarship.

4 How to apply for Pragati Scholarship 2021?

To avail this scholarship, a woman candidate has to apply online. For which a website called has to be used.

5. How much is the AICTE Pragati scholarship amount?

50,000 / - (fifty thousand) per annum for technical course degree under Pragati Scholarship Scheme. A total of Rs 2.00 lakh will be available to the first year entrant. A maximum of 1.5 lakh for 3 years will be available to women who have got admission through Degree course lateral entry.

Students who get admission in the first year of Diploma Course will get Rs. 50,000 annually and a maximum of 1.5 (one and a half) lakhs for a total of 3 years, and a girl who gets admission in the second year will get Rs.

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Wednesday 25 August 2021

યુ વિન કાર્ડ યોજના શું છે અને તેના લાભ કયા કયા છે|UWIN Card Yojana

 યુ વિન કાર્ડ યોજના શું છે અને તેના લાભ કયા કયા છે|UWIN Card Yojana

You win card plan. UWIN Card Yojana 2021 | UWIN Card Online Registration

UWIN Card Yojana in Gujarat | Unorganized Worker’s Identification Number | Yuvin card. Labor card scheme. UWIN Card Gujarat Benefits | Gujarat Government Schemes |

The Central Government and the Government of Gujarat run various government schemes. Which enhances the well-being of the citizens. Many Government Schemes are implemented by various departments of Gujarat Government. In which we present information about various schemes run by the Department of Labor and Employment.

The U Win Card Scheme has been implemented by the Labor & Employment Department, Government of Gujarat for unorganized sector such as farm laborers, hawkers, bedding workers. This card will help in availing the benefits of various welfare schemes. And UWIN CSC is given to the workers with unique number as proof of identity.

Eligibility for UWIN CARD

UVIN card is issued to unorganized workers by the Department of Labor and Employment, Government of Gujarat as proof of identity. UWIN Card Registration should have the following qualifications for CSC.

There should be unorganized workers to take advantage of this scheme.

Beneficiary age should be 18 to 59.

• Workers who do not have a provident fund deduction

Workers with or without BPL card

 Should not be employed in the organized sector. (EPFO / ESIC / NPS)

• Must have Aadhaar card.

• Beneficiary's annual Rs. Eligible for those earning less than Rs. 1,20,000 / -.

 Must have a savings account or Jandhan account.

UWIN Card Gujarat Benefit

Name UWIN Card

Beneficiaries to unorganized sector workers

The full name of the Evin card is Unorganized Worker’s Identification Number

Where to apply online from the nearest Common Services Center (CSC)

UWIN card Toll free helpline number 1800 121 3468

Benefits under UWIN CARD

Unorganized sector workers get many types of UWIN card benefits. Workers with this type of card benefit from the following welfare schemes.

1. Accident assistance

Beneficiaries with this card will get Rs. 1 lakh in case of accidental death and Rs. 50,000 / - (fifty thousand) will be receivable.

2. Assistance in serious illness

Workers with UWIN CSC card and their family members will be eligible for treatment up to Rs 2 lakh for serious illness and farm workers up to Rs 3 lakh for treatment of serious diseases (heart disease, kidney, cancer, AIDS).

3. For construction workers

Beneficiaries with this Shram Yogi Card will get Rs. Up to 3 (three) lakh treatments will be available. Rs.3000 / - per month for complete disability and Rs.1500 / - for partial disability.

4. Education Assistance

Hostel with free board and lodging facility for children of laborers with UWIN CSC Gujarat card, special boarding facility for primary to higher education will be available.

5. Training

Beneficiaries holding this card will be given paid training to gain proficiency in the operation.

6. Legal aid

Beneficiaries holding UWIN Gujarat Card will get Rs. 50,000 / - (fifty thousand) for fighting accident compensation court case and Rs. Assistance up to Rs. 25,000 / - will be given.

Who can avail of U-Win Card?

A list of workers has been prepared for who can apply UWIN card online. Which are as follows.


2. Masonry, arranging bricks

3. Carpenter, Mistry

4. Wood or stone builder or lifter

5. Wireman

6. Welder

7. Electrician

8. Plumber

9. Carrier

10. Cobbler

11. Tailor

12. Gardener

13. BD workers


15. Cook

16. Agaria

17. Cleaner- driver

18. Housing industry

19. Blacksmith


21. Beauty Parlor Worker

22. Potter

23. Ritual

24. Fisherman

25. Coloring

25 Agaria cleaning

26 porters

27. Recipient of honorarium

28. Rickshaw driver

29. Bedded

30. Domestic workers or working siblings

31. Gem artists

UWIN Card Gujarat Registration

Beneficiaries from Gujarat will have to go to the nearest and concerned CSC (Common Service Center) for UWIN Card Online Registration.

મન Registration of unorganized workers will have to be done by the Common Service Center. And the beneficiaries will have to issue a U-WIN card.

• Unorganized workers will have to provide a copy of Aadhaar card, bank account and mobile number and ration card as required documents for registration at the center. If the beneficiary does not have a BPL card, he / she will have to submit a certificate of income.

• Fill online application form from UWIN card Gujarat csc login. After filling the online form, all the supporting proofs have to be scanned and uploaded in the uwin card website.

 Beneficiaries with UWIN Card will have to renew their UWIN Card every five years.

UWIN Card FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a U-Win Card? (What is UWIN)

યોજના નું નામ:-યુ વીન કાર્ડ

કોણે લોન્ચ કરી:-ગુજરાત સરકાર

લાભાર્થી:-રાજ્ય માં વસતા ગરીબ કામદારો

હેતુ:-અસંગઠિત કામદારોને પૂરી પાડવામાં આવતી સામાજિક સુરક્ષા સેવાઓને સક્ષમ કરવા માટે એક મંચ ઉભો કરવો

Official Website:-

More than 90% of unorganized workers in the country are engaged in various occupations. Currently there is no national data available for workers associated with such an unorganized sector. So that such workers are given Social Security Number i.e. Unorganized Worker Identification Number (UWIN) by the Social Security Act 2008.  A card issued by the Government of Gujarat to provide benefits of various schemes to unorganized sector workers.

What is the eligibility for U-Win card?

The beneficiary for this card must be connected to the unorganized sector. And the age of the beneficiary should be between 18 to 59.

Who can't get UWIN card?

Beneficiaries who are affiliated with an organized sector such as 1. Employees 'Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) 2. National Pension System (NPS) - NSDL and 3. Employees' State Insurance Corporation- (ESIC) are not eligible for this card.

How to get a U-Win card?

To get this card, you have to register online at the nearest CSC center.

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Sunday 22 August 2021

Foreign Study Loan 2021 | Loan For Foreign Study | Foreign Education Loan Scheme

Foreign Study Loan 2021 |  Loan For Foreign Study | Foreign Education Loan Scheme

Videsh Abhyas Loan Sahay Online Form Gujarat |  Loans to students to study abroad.  Samaj Kalyan Yojana |  Foreign Education Load Scheme.  Non-reserve plan

 Gujarat Non-Reserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation (GUEEDC) works to understand the plight of non-reserved classes.  Understands the problems of non-reserved class and recommends to the Government for solution.  After studying various schemes related to social welfare, Bin-Anamat prepares recommendations of welfare schemes for classes.  The Non-Reserved Class Commission runs various welfare schemes such as Educational Study Scheme Loan, Meal Bill Assistance, Coaching Assistance (Tuition Assistance), JEE, GUJCET, Coaching Assistance for NEET Examination, Training Assistance for Competitive Examination and Foreign Study Loan etc.

 Key points of foreign study loan scheme

 Purpose of Foreign Study Loan

 Eligibility for Foreign Study Loan

 How much is a study abroad loan?

 Documents for taking a study abroad study

 Documents / Bail for Bin-Anamat Loan

 Where to apply for a study abroad loan

 Foreign study loan repayment

 1 thought on “Foreign Study Loan 2021 |  Loan For Foreign Study | Foreign Education Loan Scheme ”

 Purpose of Foreign Study Loan

 Clean students of non-reserved caste in the state can get good and higher education abroad and the study is implemented by the Government of Gujarat for the purpose of helping the economic situation.  "Unreserved Loan" is given by Gujarat Unreserved Educational & Economic Development Corporation.

Eligibility for Foreign Study Loan

 ● For MBBS after Std-12, Bachelors (valid even if degree is obtained after Diploma)

 Master For Master's Course as well as Post Graduation Diploma or similar course known by the same name

 કોઈપણ Loans up to a total limit of Rs 15 lakh are available for higher studies abroad for any type of research such as technical, paramedical, professional etc.

 હોય Those who have 60℅ or more in Std-12 get the benefit of this scheme.

 હોય The annual income of the family is less than Rs. 600000 (six lakhs).

 How much is a study abroad loan?

 Under the Loan For Foreign Study scheme, for higher studies abroad, a total limit of Rs. 15 lakhs (fifteen lakhs) is available at 4% simple interest.

 Documents for taking a study abroad study

 Bin anamat aayog sets the policy for students to take loans for study abroad.  The documents prescribed for non-reserve loan are as follows.

 1. Prescribed sample application form

 2. Certificate of non-reserved class

 3. Copy of Aadhaar card

 4. Certificate of income

 5. Admission letter

 6. Copy of marksheet of standard-12 and above studies

 7. Marksheet of standard - 10 and 12

 8. School Leaving Example (LC)

 9. Copy of passport

 10. Visa Copy

 11. Air Ticket

 12. Proof of Fees to be paid / paid every year

 13. Copy of first page of applicant's bank passbook

 14. Mortgage / burden note and 5 bank checks

 15. Consent letter for property mortgage as per appendix-3

 16. Approval of guarantor as per appendix-1 and property valuation report and grounds of property.

 Documents / Bail for Bin-Anamat Loan

 કુલ The total amount of loan for the entire course is Rs. 7.50 lakhs or less.

 ● Each borrower will have to give 5 (five) post dated checks signed in favor of the corporation (for the corporation).

 કુલ The total loan amount for the full course is Rs.  If it is more than Rs 7.50 lakh, the total amount will have to be mortgaged in favor of one's own or any other relative's real estate corporation.

 Where to apply for a study abroad loan

 In order to take a foreign study loan operating as a non-reserve loan, the applicant student has to go to the following website and fill the online form before going abroad.  After filling the online form, the required documents have to be uploaded on the website.

 Click here for more information and online for study abroad loan

 Foreign study loan repayment

  A total monthly loan of up to Rs.

  In case of loan above Rs.

 ના The money paid will have to be credited as interest on the first money.

 ● A student taking a study abroad loan will be able to repay the loan even before the stipulated time limit.

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Chief Minister Pak Sangrah Yojana | CM Crop Storage Godown Scheme |

Chief Minister Pak Sangrah Yojana  CM Crop Storage Godown Scheme
Ikhedut Portal Online Registration Crop collection scheme.  Godown Assistance Scheme.  Godown Yojana Gujarat.  Gujarat Infrastructure Scheme   Eye farmer information

 Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana in Gujarati

 Gujarat is constantly striving to increase the income of farmers.  For which various schemes are published through ikhedut portal.  If the environment is very conducive to the farmers then the farm produce is good.  But there is no crop storage system in the field.  Due to factors like heavy rains, hurricanes, and Mawtha during the monsoon season, farmers are not able to store their produce.  The Chief Minister's Crop Storage Structure Scheme has been implemented under the subsidy so that the farmers can preserve their crops for a long time and the quality remains the same.

 Key points of the godown plan

 Purpose of Godown Assistance Scheme

 Eligibility and conditions of crop storage scheme

 Terms of creating iKhedut Portal Godown

 CM Crop Collection Scheme Assistance Standard

 Godown Assistance Plan Document

 Godown Yojana Gujarat Target

 iKhedut Portal New Registration

 Last date to apply

 To check and reprint the status of the application

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 Purpose of Godown Assistance Scheme

 Under Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana 2021, farmers of the state can save their agricultural produce.  And the aim is to get a better price by storing it longer.

 Eligibility and conditions of crop storage scheme

 Must be a farmer of Gujarat state.

 The State's Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and all other castes will benefit from these schemes.

 The farmer should have a land or forest rights certificate.

 Under the crop collection scheme, the farmer will be eligible for the benefit only once.  In short will get a once in a lifetime.

 The farmer will have to apply online for the godown scheme at ikhedut portal.

 Join Telegram Channel

 Join Whats App Group

 Godown Sahay Yojana Highlight

 Nameplate collection scheme of the scheme.  Godown Assistance SchemeLanguageGujarati and English Objectives Farmers to help farmers in Gujarat to store their produce.  Last date 05/09/2021

 Terms of creating iKhedut Portal Godown

 Some conditions have been laid down for the State Government's Infrastructure Scheme.  The following conditions will apply to farmers to avail Pak Sangrah Yojana.

 Farmers will have to build a godown of at least 330 square feet.

 To take advantage of this scheme, the height of the center of the godown should be 12 feet and the foundation should be at least 2 feet deeper than the ground.

 The farmer should make a plinth at least 2 feet above the ground.  But considering the geographical or local conditions, the height of the mob should not be less than 10 feet.  Lower godowns will not be considered for assistance or subsidy.

 Masonry work will have to be done up to the plinth of the godown as well as in the revolving walls and the flooring will have to be paved with PCC.

 For storage the crop should be made from corrugated galvanized sheet of the godown or sheet of cement.

 Under this scheme, construction less than 300 square feet will not be eligible for assistance or subsidy.

 The beneficiary farmer will be able to build a larger godown at his own cost than the minimum specification.

 CM Crop Collection Scheme Assistance Standard

 Ikhedut portal subsidy is prescribed under this crop collection scheme.  Under this scheme, subsidy or assistance is decided according to one's caste.  Which are as follows.

 50% or 50,000 (fifty thousand) whichever is less for ST caste beneficiaries for ST (SC) whichever is less 50% or 50,000 (fifty thousand) whichever is less for SC caste SC beneficiaries whichever is less  For all other castes, 50% of the total cost or 50,000 (fifty thousand) whichever is less to the farmer beneficiaries of all other castes.

 Godown Assistance Plan Document

 i-khedut portal 2021 has started accepting online applications of many government schemes in the current year.  The following documents will be required for the application of this scheme.

 1. A copy of the beneficiary's Aadhaar card

 2. ikhedut portal 7 12

 3. Copy of beneficiary's ration card

 4. Certificate of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe if applicable (if applicable)

 5. Certificate of Disability for Disabled Account holders (if applicable)

 6. Consent form of other account holder in case of joint account holder in 7/12 and 8-A of land

 7. Copy of Forest Rights Letter for Forest Area (if applicable)

 Godown Yojana Gujarat Target

 A definite target has been set to give the benefit of this scheme on i-farmer portal.  Under which the applications of the farmers will be accepted and subsidy will be given.

 Scheme and Caste Name Target for 2021-2022 Scheduled Tribes (AGR-3) 10600 Scheduled Castes (AGR-4) 4900 For All Other Castes (AGR-2) 40600 Information source: official website

 iKhedut Portal New Registration

 To avail the benefits of this scheme, the sons of the earth will have to fill up an online form from the i-farmer portal.

 Sourceinformation source: Government of Gujarat Official ikhedut portal

 ikhedut portal online arji

information source : Government of Gujarat Official ikhedut portal
 Last date to apply

 To avail the benefit under Mukhyamantri Pak Sangrah Yojana 2021, the beneficiary farmer has to apply online from anywhere from 05/08/2021 to 05/09/2021.

 To check and reprint the status of the application

 Beneficiary farmer can get ikhedut portal online application status and ikhedut portal arji print from his mobile or computer.  No need to go to the office to know the status of the application.
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અરજીની ફરીથી પ્રિન્‍ટ માટેClick કરો
 Click to know the status of the application Click to reprint the application ikhedut portal status by Official Website ikhedut portal
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