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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Gujarat Election Card Online Apply - Voter List 2021 | Online election card

Gujarat Election Card Online Apply - Voter List 2021 | Online election card

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Voting and voter ID cards are handled by the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer. This department does a great job of issuing ID cards to the newly registered voters in the country and the state. Under the Election Commission of India, there is a separate Election Commission in each state. In the states, the Chief Electoral Officer is in charge of election and voting, voter list. We will learn how to create a new election card, check election card online through this article. In addition, we will know in detail how to get the facility on the Voter Portal operated by ECI.

Download Voter ID Card: How to Download Voter ID Online? | Step-by-Step Guide

Chief Electoral Officer, CEO Gujarat

About Gujarat Voter List 2021

Download Forms For Election Card

Registration of Name in Electoral Roll (Form-6)

Registration of Name in Electoral Roll (For Overseas Voter) Form-6A

Deletion of Name in Electoral Roll (Form-7)

Change in Details in Electoral Roll (Form-8)

Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll (Form-8A)

Required Documents & Eligibility Criteria Of Gujarat Voter List

National Voters Service Portal (NVSP)

Online Voter Registration

Search Your Name In Gujarat Voter List

Download e-EPIC Card (Gujarat Voter ID Card)

Download Electoral Roll PDF

Know Your Application Status

Know Your Matdar Sahayata Kendra

Chief Electoral Officer, CEO Gujarat

In the state of Gujarat, CEO Gujarat registers new voters in the electoral roll and reduces the names of those who have died. The citizens of the state carry out public awareness programs for the purpose of making the best use of the people's right to vote. In particular, the state provides facilities for voters to download their voter id from home. The State Election Commission also seeks views from voters to improve the website and make the administration more transparent, citizen-friendly.

About Gujarat Voter List 2021

The Electoral Commission of the country conducts voter list reform program in every state. In which the work of making New Voter List has been started by Gujarat Election Commission. This list is placed on the official website of CEO Gujarat. All citizens whose names appear on this list will be able to vote. Every citizen who is 18 years of age or above should register with their nearest BLO by taking documents. Now there is no need to go to the office of the Election Department to check the names of the citizens of the country. This operation can be done free of cost from the official website. Citizens will be able to check their names in the voter list.

Image Source: Government Official Website (

Key Highlights Of Gujarat Voter List

Scheme Name

Gujarat Voter List 2021

Launched By  

State Election Commission,


New Voter
(citizens of Gujarat)

Official Website  

Mode Of Application




Online Voter
Portal Website

Download Forms For Election Card

Gujarat voters need separate forms to register new names, to register Indian nationals living abroad, and to remove names from the water list. And after the arrival of the election identity card, different samples of Gujarat Election Card Form have been made to make necessary amendments and additions.

Registration of Name in Electoral Roll (Form-6)

According to the Voter Registration Rules of the Election Commission of India, 1960, a citizen of a country can register in the electoral roll at the age of 18. Form-6 is used to enter the name as a voter for the first time in the voter list. In addition, citizens will have to use Form No. 6 for migration from one constituency to another.

Registration of Name in Electoral Roll (For Overseas Voter) Form-6A

Those residing abroad in India will have to use Form No. 6A to include the name in the voter list. Citizens who have stayed abroad for any reason abroad can add their name to the voter list through this form number.

Deletion of Name in Electoral Roll (Form-7)

Names are included in the Citizen Voter List of India but the names have to be reduced for various reasons. Form No. 7 has to be filled for deletion of name from the voter list due to death of a citizen. In addition, due to the migration of a citizen, this form can be filled to reduce the voter list.

Change in Details in Electoral Roll (Form-8)

Citizens who have been included in the electoral roll by the Election Commission of India but need to make necessary amendments or additions can use Form No. 8. Citizen name, date of birth, photograph, address etc. can be corrected through this form.

Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll (Form-8A)

Citizens of the country can change their address in the voter list if they want through the Election Commission. Form No. 8A can be used in case of relocation from one place of residence in the same voter list to the same constituency.

Details in the voter list

Download Forms

Application for entry in the electoral roll

Election Card Form 6

Of an Indian citizen residing abroad

Application for registration as a voter

Election Card Form 6-A

To remove of names in the electoral roll

To apply

Election Card Form 7

Details recorded in the voter list

Application for correction

Election Card Form 8

Note in the voter list

Application for change

Election Card Form 8-A

Required Documents & Eligibility Criteria Of Gujarat Voter List

A new voter list is prepared by the State Election Commission. In which different documents are required for new registration of citizens, for amendment or reduction of name. Which are as follows.

Citizen should be a citizen of India & Gujarat.

Citizen must be 18 years of age or older.

aadhar card

Ration card

Proof of residence

Proof of Age (L.C / Birth Certificate / Certificate of Age of Medical Officer)

E-mail ID

Passport size photo

Mobile number

Marriage certificate

National Voters Service Portal (NVSP)

Polling day is celebrated like a festival by the Election Commission of India. Many programs and programs have been implemented for this. And many websites and web portals have been created by the Election Commission for the convenience of the citizens. In which National Voter Service Portal (NVSP) has been created. Which is called National Voting Service Portal in Gujarati. In which citizens can avail the benefits of their services themselves. More information about this portal is given below.

Online Voter Registration

Online Voter Registration facilities are provided for the convenience of Indian voters. Information on how to register online is as follows.

First go to the official website of Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat.

Then its Home Page will open.

In which if you do not have registration "" don't have an account? Click on Create an account.

In which the citizen can enter his Email Id or Mobile No. Will have to put.

The OTP will come after entering the mobile or email ID.

After OTP verification, a new password creation page will appear, in which Enter New Password has to be entered.

Submitting which will complete your Voter Online Registration process.

Search Your Name In Gujarat Voter List

Through the National Voters Service Portal (NVSP) of the Government of India, citizens can check whether their name is in Gujarati or not. Citizens can know based on their name, address, age. And voters with their EPIC No. Can also learn through.

First go to the National Voter Service Portal (NVSP)

After opening this website, search information will appear on its Home Page.

In which citizens can know whether their name is included in the list through Voter id search by name.

In addition, Citizens Search by EPIC No. Can also know his name in gujarat voter id list.

Download e-EPIC Card (Gujarat Voter ID Card)

The NVSP website has been created by the Election Commission of India. From which the citizen can download his election card if he wants to get it online.

First go to

Click on e-EPIC Download.

Where the applicant submits his EPIC No. And the state will be able to select and download.

Download Electoral Roll PDF

The Election Commission of India provides a facility for all citizens of the country to download Electoral Roll from their homes.

First go to

Then go to “Electoral Rolls - 2021”.

Now a new page named “Electoral Roll - Gujarat State” will open.

Now it can be downloaded by entering “District, Assembly and Captcha”.

Know Your Application Status

Newly registered voters can know the status of the application made for their election identity card. Where voters can get BLO name and mobile number through their election card number. Also know the name and number of Electoral Officers. Know the address of the polling station.

Know Your Matdar Sahayata Kendra

The State Election Commission has declared 'Voter Assistance Centers' per district to address the problems of voters. Where all voting citizens can submit their election card related, voting related or constituency matter.

New voters face a lot of questions and problems when applying online. An FAQ’s PDF has been created by CEO Gujarat to address all these issues and questions. Which can be downloaded from the button below.    

Important Link:
Matdar Yadi Sudharna Program 2021-22 Paripatra 

Check Name In Gujarat Election Voter List 2022

મતદાર યાદિમાં તમારૂ નામ સર્ચ કરવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

Download the list of Contesting candidates in PDF format and take the print out.


NOTE : Gujarat Voter List 2022 Not Published Yet Official ,but you Can find Your Name in Voter List 2021.

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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Matdar Yadi Sudharna Karyakram 2020 (Voter Brief Reform Program) official Letter

Matdar Yadi Sudharna Karyakram 2020 (Voter Brief Reform Program) official Letter

Voter List Reform Program is published by Sarkar Shri from time to time. Voter List Reform Program is presented periodically by Sarkar Shri so that no person of 18 years of age or above is deprived of voting.  Under the Voter List Reform Program, it is very important for an adult who is 18 years
of age or older to be able to vote, to have their name on the electoral roll.  In order to ensure that no such person is deprived of
the right to vote, a voter list reform program is periodically.
introduced by the Government to add their name to the electoral roll.The voter list reform program has been announced by the Election Commission in November.  By giving this program, as per the instructions, all the persons who are 18 years of age or above will be able to write their name in the electoral roll.Eligibility of Date 1 2020 In this regard, this circular has been issued regarding the special brief correction program of the voter list with photos.  Special campaign days have been organized for the voter list reform program. From the letter dated 7 8 2020 of the Election Commission of India, New Delhi, a special abbreviated voter list reform program with photographs is announced with reference to the eligibility date of 1 1 2020.Accordingly, from the letter dated 10 8 2020 and 319 2020, detailed instructions have been given for the voter list special abbreviated reform program 2021. According to the revised program approved by the Election Commission, the period for accepting drugs and objection petitions is fixed from 9 11 2020 Monday to 15 December 2020.  And the draft of the integrated voter list will be published on November 9, 2020.The eight assembly constituencies under 174 assembly constituencies in the state have decided to hold special campaign correction program on 22 November 2020, Sunday 29 November 2020, Sunday 06 December 2020 and Sunday 13 December 2020 as special campaign days starting from November 2020.  Has been done.Special arrangements will be made by the officer appointed by the Election Commission to be present at the polling station from 10:00 am to 5:00 am to accept the objection petitions.  Appropriate banner related to the program will have to be displayed at each such location. On the day of this message the officer will be able to verify the issue with the help of BLA to check the details of the voter from the draft to accept the form.  In the evening the report has to be sent to the upper level through the supervisor.On this day, the supervisor will have to make regular visits to the locations under his jurisdiction and provide proper supervision and guidance.  The District Electoral Officer, Voter Registration Officer and Assistant Voter Registration Officer will have to visit the designation location. 









Step by step info in pdf  CLICK HERE

 order to transfer the name from one part of the same assembly constituency to another, one has to apply in Form 2-K.  For which, along with the application, the basis of the new residence, a copy of the election card of the neighbor has to be submitted.  9-12-2018 (Sunday), Dt.  Applications received through the booth level officer at the polling station in his area during the special campaign days on 5-1-2017 (Sunday) and 19-1-2030 (Sunday) from 10 am to 6 pm at the same place. 
Can be returned to Level Officer during the above special campaign days.  In addition, the website of the Election Commission can be applied online as stated in the list of the Collector and District Election Officer.
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Sunday, 5 January 2020



epic<space>your voter id card no.
LIKE  epic xxv3250147
SEND THIS MSG TO 8511199899


The right to vote is the heart of every democracy. The true power lies with the people of every democracy who ultimately decide the destiny of the country by choosing the 

representatives who run the Government. India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world in terms of number of voters. In a country so populous, different states have varied concerns and ideas. Hence, voting becomes a medium of expression for people. Given the number of elections that comes and goes by in India and also the rising population, one cannot deny the fact that there have been a few instances of malpractices like vote rigging. To make the process of voting smooth and to ensure that every eligible citizen gets a chance to vote, the Government of India came up with the Voter ID cards in 1993. Now, Voter ID cards have been shaped to EPIC - Electoral Photo Applying for a new EPIC in Gujarat can be done online. Also, the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat has a dedicated website that allows voters to apply for a change of information on the Voter ID and to delete their names from the electoral list. After the introduction of online facilities for modification of information in Voter ID and application for a Voter ID in Gujarat, the whole process of handling a Voter ID has become less time consuming and simple

How to Apply for Voter ID Online in Gujarat
Applying for a Voter ID has become an easy and hassle free process in Gujarat with the web portal offered by the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat. Candidates can log on to the website to add their names to the electoral roll by filling an online form.

  • Read the steps given below to apply for a Voter ID online in Gujarat:

Visit the website of Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat. Select “Online Voter Registration” option that is available in the homepage.

As no person is entitled to be registered in the electoral roll of more than one constituency, you must check if your name is in the electoral roll before making a fresh application.

If you select the option to check if your name is present in the electoral roll, you will have to give information like your district name, name, father or husband’s name and age.

If your name is not present in the electoral list, you must make a fresh application. Initially, you will have to register in the portal by providing your name, email id, phone number, address and pincode.

Once you have registered and logged in, select “Form 6 for new Voter Registration” in the page that is being displayed. You will have to enter the EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card) number of your family member or neighbourhood.

Form 6 for registration of your name in the Voter ID will be displayed on the screen. You will have to enter information like your name, address, date of birth and details of other family members whose name has been enrolled in the electoral list.

After you submit the form, you will also have the option to upload documents like address proof and age proof. You will receive a copy of the pdf file which you have to save and take a print out.

You must submit the copy of printout in the nearest Election Commission office by post. After verification, the new Voter ID will be sent to you by post to your registered address.

important Link:-

Starting date 16/12/2019 to 15/1/2020
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click here for official website

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