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Friday 12 April 2019

TAT 1 Result Releted News 11-04-2019

ancient India, there was an arrangement for election officials by voting in addition to Guticute (lot). In religious institutions, especially in Buddhist unions, certain rules of election were followed. In the "Chulbagg", Sakti mentions three methods of voting: secret ballot, do not reveal opinion in the ear, technique and open voting. For secret ballot, the Buddhist Sangh used to use colored woodwork as vote ballistic. The collector's collectors used to collect voters' votes by interpreting the meaning of colors and the decision of the majority was valid. In Europe, arrangement of voting in ancient Greece and Italy was in the form of a fig tree. It was prevalent in ancient monarchies that before the decision was made on certain serious issues, the king invited him to get the consent of his subjects. The manner in which these opinions were expressed was verbal. Apart from Gutikat in Athens, there was a tradition of raising and not presenting the hand, where there was a voting system. But there was secret ballot arrangements on topics that affect a person's social status. In Rome, according to the second century, the method of voting was to "split" (i.e., people of one vote were separated from the second opinion). But due to the economic and social adoption of most voters' feudalists, this system could not be suitable for independent voting. Hence, the ballot paper was arranged by the legislation for which the venerable woodcutters were used.TAT 1 Result Releted News 11-04-2019.
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TAT Releted News 11-04-2019

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