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Monday 27 May 2019

Gujarat Fire department all district Gujarat

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Here’s what you need to know about the fire safety norms for high-rise buildings (15 metres and above). This information has been obtained from the office of the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services, Bangalore, and has been compiled from the National Building Code (NBC), 2005.

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Road width & building entrance
The road where a high-rise is constructed should not be less than 12 metres wide. This is to ensure easy movement of fire services vehicles in case of an emergency. This road should be hard-surfaced so as to withstand a minimum of 45,000 kgs, which is also the maximum weight of a fire engine. The entrance of these buildings needs to be a minimum of six metres wide. Here, the height should be five metres or above.
High-rises also need to have setbacks in the front, sides, and rear portions of the building. The width for this differs with different types of buildings.
For residential buildings, the specifications are:
If your building height is not mentioned in the above table, the maximum height of the building should not exceed 1.5 times the width of the road abutting, plus the front open space. In case the building abuts on two or more streets of different widths, the building shall be considered as facing the street that has the greater width.
Here are the setback details for other types of occupancies.
The compulsory open space around the building should not be used for parking. If parking space is provided on the setbacks, then it should be done only after leaving a distance of a six-metre-wide open space from the building line in the form of a hard-surfaced driveway which should again be able to withstand a load of 45,000 kgs.
Stairways are exits, not lifts or escalators
A staircase is the only safe means of escape during fire emergencies. Lifts and escalators are not considered as exits. According to the norms, all high-rises must have a minimum of two staircases, each at a remote distance from the other. The minimum width of these staircases will be based on the type of the building.
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Residential buildings (dwellings) – 1.6 metres
(For row housing with two storeys, the minimum width shall be 0.75 metres)
Residential hotel buildings – 1.5 metres
Assembly buildings like auditoria, theatres, and cinemas – 2 metres
Educational buildings – 1.5 metres
Institutional buildings – 2 metres
All other buildings – 1.5 metres
Gujarat Fire department all district Gujarat

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