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Sunday 20 February 2022

Ikhedut Portal 2022 નવી યાદી | I ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ

 Ikhedut Portal 2022 નવી યાદી | I ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ

Ikhedut Portal Online Arji 2022-23  | Smartphone Sahay Yojana | Ikhedut Portal New Registration | Ikhedut Portal Khetivadi Yojana | આઈ ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ પર 49 થી વધારે યોજનાના ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ

I Krishi Portal has been created by Gujarat for the benefit of farmers. Farmers on ikhedut can also apply online for various scheme benefits. So that the farmers can get maximum crop benefit from various forms in their farming. The portal has been made online for online application on Ikhedut portal for the year 2022-23 by the current government responsible for the same.

What is Ikhedut?

Ikhedut Portal is a web portal for farmers. Various schemes for farmers of Gujarat are placed on this online portal. Farmers can apply online from the portal sitting at home. In which many schemes of different departments are running. Such as agriculture schemes, animal husbandry schemes, horticulture department schemes. And Fisheries Scheme can also fill online form. Ikhedut Portal New Registration of many schemes of Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. and Atma Project.

The letter dated 16/02/2022 from the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar states that IKHEDUT should be re-introduced for a total of 49 components. Documents required for ikhedut Portal Registration. The applicant has to apply online. After applying online, the print of the application should be saved. Farmers will have to purchase within the stipulated time limit if prior approval is given by the department. Then the print along with the required documents will have to be submitted

Important Point of iKhedut Portal 2022 New List

Article Name iKhedut Portal 2022

Language of the article English and Gujarati

The objective of the scheme is to provide agriculture to the farmers of Gujarat

Benefit of schemes

Beneficiaries are farmers of Gujarat

Total Schemes Total-49 Agriculture on i-Farmer Portal

The department's plans will continue

Online application date from 21/02/2022 to 21/03/2022

Official Website Click Here

Online Apply Apply Now

Ikhedut Portal Online Application Start

Ikhedut Portal has been made online for easy access to various assistance schemes of Gujarat government's agriculture department. The online application for various schemes for the year 2022-23 has been started on i-farmer portal. The state government wants the farmers of the state to get maximum benefit from various assistance schemes of the agriculture department. And that is the purpose. The I-Farmer web-portal will be open for online application by farmers from 21-02-2022 to 21-03-2022. With this in mind, all the farmers in the state will be able to register the schemes online as per their requirement.

iKhedut Portal 2022 New List

Online application for the year 2022-23 will be launched on i khedut Portal. For which farmer portal will continue from 21-02-2022 to 21-03-2022. During this time farmers will be able to apply online for various schemes. This website provides information about many schemes in ikhedut Portal Category. The following is a list of schemes launched by the Department of Agriculture at present.

Name of the scheme for more information

Online link

1 Other tools Click Here

2 Agro Service / Provider Unit Click Here

3 Combined Harvester Click Here

4 Cultivator Click Here

5 To increase crop value to farmers

Promotion Plan Click Here

6 Groundnut Digger Click Here

7 chaff cutters (engine /

Ele.Motor Operated) Click Here

8 Chaff Cutter (Tractor

/ Power Operated) Click Here

9 Tractors Click Here

10 Palm leaves Click Here

11 Paddy Trans Planter (Self Click Here

12 plows (all types) Click Here

13 Planters (other types) Click Here

14 Animal Powered Sowers Click Here

15 Crop Storage Structure (Godown) Click Here

16 Power Tiller Click Here

17 Power Thraser Click Here

18 Potato Digger Click Here

19 Potato Planters Click Here

20 Post Harvest Tools Click Here

21 Post Hall Digger Click Here

22 Form Machinery Bank -

Up to 10 lakh Click Here

23 Form Machinery Bank -

Up to 25 lakh Click Here

24 Form Machinery Bank

(Selected District / Village) Click Here

25 Brass Cutter Click Here

26 Baler (tractor driven hay

Bale Tool) Click Here

27 Man-powered Sight

(Harvesting tool) Click Here

28 Cargo Vehicle Click Here

29 Riser / Bund Former / Faro GiverClick here

30 Ripper / Binder (All Types) Click Here

31 Rotary power tiller (Self Propelled) / Power Weeder Click Here

32 Rotavator Click Here

33 Land Leveler Click Here

34 Laser Land Leveler Click Here

35 Wheel Ho (Click here)

36 Sowing / Automatic Drill Click Here

37 Winning Fan Click Here

38 Shredder / Mobile Shredder Click Here

39 Subsoiler Click Here

40 Smart Hand Tools Kit Click Here

41 Heroes (All Types) Click Here

42 High-tech, high productive

Equipment Hub Click Here

43 Tractor Operated Sprayer Click Here

44 Crop Protection Equipment -

Power powered Click Here

45 Solar Light Trap Click Here

46 Smartphone Purchase Assistance Click Here

47 Pump Sets Click Here

48 making water tank Help Plan Click Here

49 Water Carrying Pipeline Click Here

Schemes launched by which department in I Farmer Portal 2022?

These schemes have been started by the Agriculture Department of the Government of Gujarat.

How many total online applications will be processed by the Office of the Director of Agriculture?

Online applications for a total of 49 schemes of the Department of Agriculture will be launched on ikhedut Portal.

Till what date can online application of total 49 schemes of Khetivadi Vibhag be made?

Farmers will be able to apply online from 21/02/2022 to 21/03/2022.

What other department plans are running on ikhedut Portal?

Apart from the schemes of agriculture department, schemes of horticulture department, animal husbandry schemes, fisheries schemes etc. are running on this portal for farmers.

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