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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Matter of continuous and comprehensive evaluation

Matter of continuous and comprehensive evaluation

Subject: - Matter of continuous and comprehensive evaluation

 Here are some clarifications regarding the frequently asked questions in the training regarding continuous and holistic assessment.

 Question: How to use the new study findings provided by JerseyRT Answer: Along with the new textbook, their study findings have also been posted by GCERT on their website  Remember that these study findings are ideally tailored to the given topic.  The study conclusions list the major conclusions and its sub-study conclusions as required.  At the same time, activities have also been given for the study and teaching of the study decision.  These activities have to be done whenever we provide the student with the experience of teaching and learning.

 Question: How and when to select study findings for Form-A?

  Answer - Form - A which we know as constructive evaluation.  The "informal" assessment

 Included in the structure of the form.  While the teaching-learning process is in progress, “Study findings that can be informally verified can be selected for constructive evaluation.  The selection and evaluation of these study outcomes is a task that requires the teacher's specialized skills.  The study decisions for this are decided by the teacher at the beginning of the session

રચનાત્મક મૂલ્યાંકન પત્રક બાબતે ઓફિસિયલ માર્ગદર્શન
This should be done so that the assessment can be planned in advance during the teaching work of the study outcome and continuous evaluation can take place.

  Question More than 50 studies in the list of study findings provided by GCERTIf conclusions have been given then why take study conclusions

 Ans: - The list of study outcomes given by GCERT is the list for study teaching.  When we talk about taking a maximum of 20 study conclusions, keep in mind that we are talking about an informal assessment "Form-A Question ”Evaluation can be noted in Constructive Evaluation Form-A based on the study findings given in the unit test?

 Ans- Unit test is conducted in fixed structure.  And it is a formal type of test when it comes to informal assessment in a creative form.  The unit test that is taken at the end of that unit or units when the constructive assessment sheet-A is part of a continuous morale that occurs during the study-teaching process.

 Constructive Assessment Form -A If Mikhik questions have been asked how to base it. Or how to base the assessment on Form

  Answer "Earlier we talked about the answer to a question. In constructive assessment, study findings are selected which are evaluated informally. We also know that the teacher has to plan in advance for this type of assessment. Now let's talk about the basics.  The assessment method must have been planned in advance for the decision to be taken for Form A - This may also be your basis. You may have noted it in the assessment note in the daily book.  The work done can be relied upon as a basis. In case of oral quiz or sometimes group informal assessment, if there is no basis, the assessment can be continued but the assessment needs to be done consistently.

 Achievement is noted in Constructive Form-  Now judge when the informal assessment

Matter of continuous and comprehensive evaluation
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