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Saturday 24 February 2024

Dwarka Signature Bridge

Dwarka Signature Bridge

Dwarka Signature Bridge 

Dwarka Signature Bridge: Okha to Bet Dwarka Signature Bridge ready to see amazing view in video Bet Dwarka Signature Bridge ready : There is a very good news for all the devotees from Gujarat and across the country visiting Dwarkadhish Dwarka is the capital of Lord Krishna and Bet Dwarka is his palace where Lord Krishna lived with his animals.

Dwarka Signature Bridge

People who visit Lord Dwarkadhish Jagat Mandir must go to Greta Dwarka but to go from Okha to Greta Dwarka they had to sit in a boat in the sea. Okha is located about 30 km from Dwarka and the Holi journey from Okha to Bet Dwarka used to take about an hour but the signature sea bridge connecting Okha to Bet Dwarka is now ready.

And this bridge is being inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on 22nd February and it will be opened for all people, now the devotees visiting Bat Dwarka will not need to sit in Holi and take their private vehicles directly to Okha Ghata Dwarka. The sea road can be accessed via the signature bridge.

Let’s watch the video in front of this amazing signature bridge.

Source From: Gujarattak News YouTube Channel

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