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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

MalaiKofta Curry Recipes How to make it

Malai Kofta Curry Recipe

Malai Kofta Curry recipe is a popular North Indian dish and is prepared with colorful variations in every submissive as well asnon-vegetarian eatery in India. Made up of cream and cabin rubbish these koftas taste sweet and are served in a coliseum full of thick delicate gravy. This dish goes well with both chapatis and fumed rice and makes for one perfect luxurious lunch or regale mess. These koftas are a part of every festivity or any other weekend party and is a megahit among all the other main and lateral dishes. Indeed a feast for eyes! 

Constituents of Malai Kofta Curry 


100 gm paneer 

red chilli greasepaint as needed 

3 teaspoon gusto paste 

100 gm cashews 

200 gm onion 

3 green chilli 

Teaspoon ghee 

100 gm potato 

2 tablespoon garam masala greasepaint 

3 teaspoon garlic paste 

3 tomato 

3 teaspoon sludge flour 

teaspoon vegetable oil painting 

swab as needed 

Step 1 


In a large coliseum, combine diced potatoes, paneer, coriander leaves and red chili greasepaint along with swab. Mix well and make bomb sized balls out of this admixture. 

Step 2 


Now, place a large visage over medium honey and heat oil painting. Meanwhile, loosen the rice flour in a large coliseum and roll the balls prepared in the first step in it. Once the oil painting is hot, drop these balls in it and deep shindig them till they turn golden brown from all sides and place on a stalk of paper apkins in order to soak up the redundant oil painting. Now, transfer to a large coliseum. 


Step 3 

pustule water in a separate medium sized visage over medium honey. Once it starts boiling, add diced onions, cashews and green chilies to it. Drain well and transfer to a grinder along with the diced tomatoes in order to have a paste made out of it. 


Step 4 


Grind the gusto and garlic to a paste in a grinder. Now use the same visage used to fry the balls. Pour ghee in it and toast it over medium honey. reciprocally briskly, add the gusto garlic paste and the onion tomato paste as well. After a nanosecond, add water in it along with garam masala greasepaint, fresh cream and swab. Mix well. 


 Step 5 

Pour this over the koftas and trim with fresh cream and coriander leaves. Serve hot and enjoy. 

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