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Monday, 1 August 2022

5 Tips to extend your smartphone’s battery life

5 Tips to extend your smartphone’s battery life 

It's easy to take care of your smartphone’s battery you need to follow a many introductory way and make a many habits which may give a longer life to your device. We bring to you a many way which can escalate the life of your handset. 


Battery life is a major concern for smartphone druggies. Still, this is the top criteria for people who are the looking forward to buying a new smartphone too. Our handsets are the each- by- one device which helps us to manage our banks, games, emails, prints and much further. 

Everything- from videotape calling, playing games, drooling, internet browsing or streaming everything consumes the battery of your handset. As a smartphone stoner, everyone expects the handset to have a great battery where they can spend a day-long exertion without any hurdles. But only a many of you actually watch for your smartphone battery, rather you just anticipate it. 

It's easy to take care of your smartphone’s battery you need to follow a many introductory way and make a many habits which may give a longer life to your device. We bring to you a many way which can escalate the life of your handset. 


Partial Charging 

You must be charging your device and targeting it to reach up to 100, right? 


Let me tell you that it's important to keep your smartphone running throughout the day, but it really harms the battery of the device. Also, there are a many druggies who use the phone till the battery reaches the position of 0, and post that they put their device on the charge when the device switches off. 


Then's a life redeemer tip for your handset you may incompletely charge your handset to save battery. Like, you may charge your device by over to 90, and keep using it till it reaches 30. Now charge the device again to keep the life of your battery healthy and long. 


Unplug the smartphone post charged


numerous of us believe that once the device is 100 charged, it does not supply power to the smartphone- meaning, it'll not pass electricity and it'll not bother the handset- well, you're wrong again! 

On negative, it's recommended to open your smartphone when the device is incompletely powered up and also charge it more frequently to keep the life up, rather than overnight charging the device. The teardrop charging might plate the metallic lithium and will reduce the battery stability in the long run. 


So, don't charge your device overnight and charge your smartphone atleast twice a day- perhaps morning and evening which will upmarket the battery lifecycle. 


Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging 


We all should have taken a call, or texted someone while the device is plugged into charging, right? This is clearly another reason for depleting the battery life of your phone. It's suggested to avoid using your smartphone while the bowl is connected- majorly avoid using heavy apps which consume a larger battery proportion to operate. 

This is a must to flash back that the handsets when plugged in, all the power is swerved and consumed for the display, processor, GPU, and other handling operations. This could affect in overheating the device along with that it'll degrade the battery capacity. 


Hence, to save your handset from destroying its battery life, you'll have to avoid using your smartphone when it's plugged in. You may also switch it off while the same is charging. 

Avoid Overheating 


Charging a smartphone in summer could be a task- clearly not a good idea as it might get hot and sticky which is clearly not good for any handset’s battery life. You might have noticed your handset facing battery issues during this time it drains much briskly when the temperature is hot. Not only the heating issue but the battery also swells up and at times it's indeed dangerous and could explode. 


So, it's recommended to avoid overheating the handset, while the device is connected to the bowl. Hence, it's recommended to keep the device in a cold and dry place. 


As for hot, also, it isn't veritably good for the handset to charge in a veritably cold terrain. The battery can lose its capacity due to low temperatures. 


Avoid Using Counterfeit Charging Accessories 


It's so common to use third- party,non-compatible and poor- quality charging lines and appendages. There are possibilities when you must have bought these accessories from, perhaps offline request or from the online business. You might feel like you have saved a lot of plutocrat by buying these low- budget accessories but this is wrong. 


Although, buying accessories might look the same when bought from anon-branded store from the request. But the products are made with low- quality cables and are hamstrung to deliver the required current to charge the battery and in turn harm the battery rather. Avoid buying those low- budget products and you might save your device from the destroying the battery of your handset. 

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