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Monday, 20 June 2022



 To young children as soon as possible.  The haste to teach a lot at once causes him to lose interest and ability towards education going forward.Everybody believes that the burden placed on delicate children like L in the name of education is unbearable.  Almost every parent also understands that a child of five-seven years sits in school for five-six hours in a disciplined manner, multiplying, dividing.  He gives a bulk mark in the rice-rice test, the teacher gives him homework, does it well, does it on time and also does it beautifully.

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 He doesn't have the courage to get up, but his mother wakes him up with tears in his eyes.  The scene of bathing, having breakfast and turning to the trembling school bus in a state where even the eyes of the forgetful ones are not open is very scary.  Learning is a chore, but for children as young as three or four, it's a lot.  If you want to see the reality, look at the children who are laughing and joking happily during vacation ... Vacation is the best stage for them ... Cycling, catching, kicking, video game and The system should be adopted so that the children start liking 'education' - because the thing they like is ingrained in the heart and mind, but we follow the same thing like 'Soti Vage Sam Gai' without fear.

 Rabindranath Tagore says that education should be like food - one should first enjoy the taste.  At the age of ten, when his father went to drop him off at the school, he put his hands on the cad at the door of the school and asked his father: "What is this?"  This door ... this building looks like a prison.


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