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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Matter of giving benefits of "Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana" to pregnant mothers and mothers of children from birth to 2 years.

Matter of giving benefits of "Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana" to pregnant mothers and mothers of children from birth to 2 years.
Only a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy child. It is essential for the development of any state or country that the human resources of the state be developed.  The main objective of the Integrated Child Development Plan is to improve maternal and child nutrition.  The 20 days of the fetus and the 90 days from birth to 5 years are very important in terms of nutrition and development.  This 1,000 day period is known as the "First Window of Opportunity" to ensure adequate nutrition and development of the baby.  With this in mind, the government has decided to implement "Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana" for the nutrition of pregnant women and mothers in these 1000 days.  The Government decides as follows for the implementation of this scheme.The name of this scheme will be "Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana"Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will be given 2 kg of chickpeas, 1 kg of tur dal per monthAnd 1 liter of edible oil will be provided.Distribution of this kit to the beneficiaries is to be done by the Anganwadi worker / Tedadagar sisters from the Anganwadi center through OTP or other similar medium, Implementation of this scheme  It will be done from the beginning. Probable Pregnancy Registration of Pregnant Women for the First Time Eligibility of Beneficiary: Beneficiary should have Aadhaar card and be registered in Techo software of health and family welfare department. The beneficiary will have to register at the Anganwadi Center under ICDS scheme and avail the benefits of Anganwadi services.

 The scheme will be implemented through the Department of Women and Child Development.  For this, the beneficiary will be identified through the Tech System of the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Regular purchases of nutrition kits will be provided to the Department of Women and Child Development through the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs.  The entire implementation of the scheme will be done through digital medium with the help of Science and Technology Department and NIC).  A joint detailed SOP on the role and responsibilities of the departments in theimplementation of the scheme will have to be prepared and approved by the competent level. The scheme will be implemented across the state for five years.  The plan will then be reviewed from the competent level and further decision will be taken.

 The cost of the provision made for the scheme shall be subject to the following conditions.  (i) Expenditure incurred under this approval subject to the budgetary provision of that year

 And within the limits of the grant allotted by the Finance Department from time to time.

 Adequate budgetary provision has to be made in the current and next financial year subject to the existing rules for the present labor.

 Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner in accordance with the provisions of the State Government's permanent as well as from time to time applicable resolutions / circulars and rules.Implementing the principles of financial fairness regarding the costs involved in this approval Grants allotted under this approval may not be used for any other purpose.  The remaining amount will have to be surrendered by the end of the year.  (vi) The conditions prescribed under the scheme shall be strictly adhered to. If any change is to be made in the standards of the existing scheme and the amount of assistance, orders of the State Government shall be obtained in this regard.  Existing procurement of State Government in respect of procurement to be done under this sanction 
નીચેની લિંકથી સત્તાવર માહિતી: મુખ્ય મંત્રી માતૃશક્તિ યોજના ગુજરાત (MMY) 2022
સત્તાવાર પરિપત્ર અહીં ક્લિક કરો
સત્તાવાર વેબસાઇટ અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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