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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Allow STEM based Digital Equalizer Program to start

Allow STEM based Digital Equalizer Program to start

Subject: Matter of giving permission to start STEM based Digital Equalizer Program

 Regarding the above subject, to state that your organization American India Foundation mentioned in context has been allotted by you in the year  from in  schools of Sabarkantha district and from  schools of Amreli district, schools of Vadodara district, Surat.  Permission to start STEM based Digital Equalizer Program to improve the learning outcomes of science and mathematics subjects in Std  in school of Bharuch district is subject to the following conditions.

 Pursuant to the above subject, as indicated in context (2), the American India Foundation Trust is allowed to start a self-spent TEM based Digital Equalizer Program.

 All costs regarding the project will be borne by "The American India Foundation", Educational materials / literature on the project will have to be approved by GCERT.

  E-Content wise content GET (Gujarat Education Technology Limited, Education

 Department, Gandhinagar will have to get approval.

 The work will have to be done in accordance with the school schedule selected for the project.

 Special care should be taken not to disturb the teachers and children of the school selected for the project and the educational activities going on in the school.

Under the project no training or meeting of school teachers-principals or children can be held during school hours.

 .  Proper arrangements and planning will have to be made by the organization for the school teacher to get on-spot help under the project.  તમામ Regarding all the planning by the organization, school, taluka office and district office and here

 Keep the office informed.  The organization during the project with the school staff and children as well as the taluka and district

 An atmosphere of cooperation with the office should be maintained.  The organization will have to check the effectiveness of this project from time to time and inform the office here.  The organization will have to be in coordination at the time this project is evaluated periodically by the office here.  Strict implementation of Government Corona Guidelines.

  Considering the above instructions, approval is given for the purpose of operation in schools in a total of 12 schools out of the mentioned districts.  Send the list of selected schools here without fail,

 As mentioned in reference letter  the institute is registered on Vidyajali portal.  And to assist schools in providing a variety of educational tools, with a view to assisting in the above activities in the near future.

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