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Sunday 10 January 2021



In this post, an online test has been placed covering various subjects which are very useful in the scholarship examination NMMS conducted for the students studying in Std.  By rehearsing the online test given by student friends as much as possible, you will not get better marks in the NMMS exam and you will also be able to get the scholarship of Rs 48,000 from the state government.  Is.  If you give 10 marks test regularly, you will increase our knowledge and you will be able to get better marks in the exam.

Here are various tests useful for NMMS exam in which various tests like intellectual ability, blood relations, who is at what distance, in which children can test their knowledge by giving test and on the basis of which children get good marks in NMMS exam and pass.  Can.

▪️ભાગ-1ની લીંક

 સંખ્યા શ્રેણી-1:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-2ની લીંક

સંખ્યા શ્રેણી-2:-CLICL HERE

▪️ભાગ-3ની લીંક

સંખ્યા શ્રેણી-3:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-4ની લીંક

સંખ્યા શ્રેણી-4:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-5 ની  લિંક

આકૃતિ પરથી ચોરસ,લંબચોરસ, ત્રિકોણ કેટલા બનશે.:- CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-6 ની લિંક

કોઈપણ તારીખે કયો વાર હશે?:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-7 ની  લિંક 

લોહીના સંબંધો ભાગ-1:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-8 ની  લિંક

લોહીના સંબંધો ભાગ-1:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-9 ની લિંક

કઈ આકૃતિ અલગ પડે છે તે આધારિત.:-CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-10ની લિંક

વર્ગીકરણ ભાગ-1:-CLICK HERE

વર્ગીકરણ ભાગ-1

▪️ભાગ-11ની લિંક

વર્ગીકરણ ભાગ-2:- CLICK HERE

▪️ભાગ-12ની લિંક

મૂળાક્ષરોને મૂળાક્ષરોના ક્રમમાં ગોઠવવા:-CLICK HERE

NMMS ની પરીક્ષા માટે ઉપયોગી ટેસ્ટ:-CLICK HERE

Students who pass the NMMS examination get a scholarship from the government at the rate of Rs. 1000 per month for one year, Rs.  This exam is taken from the government with the excellent intention of providing financial help

NMMS વર્ચુઅલ ક્લારૂમ મા વિડિઓ જોવા માટે:-CLCIK HERE
NMMS ની પરીક્ષા માટે ઉપયોગી વિડિઓ:- CLICK HERE

 to the poor students who are really bright and have children who really want to study further.  This exam is organized for the purpose of not being left without and maximum number of children take advantage of this exam and maximum number of children pass and come in merit and get financial help.

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