Read Parts / Changing from January 1 These 10 important rules, each change will be on your pocket directly effect

Read Parts / Changing from January 1 These 10 important rules, each change will be on your pocket directly effect.

The new year of 2021 will be very new with themselves. Not only your home calendar but many things related to your life are going to change from January 2021. It is important for you to know about 10 major changes that we are going to tell you here. 

The car will be expensive from January 1
3 large car manufacturers of the country are going to increase their cars. If you are thinking of buying a new car, this is the right time to buy a car because soon a large car productive brand will make their cars expensive. From January 2021, the car prices are ready to increase. Many companies have announced this, while some companies can soon declare such an announcement. By far the companies that have announced the cost of their vehicles include Maruti Suzuki, Ford India and Kia Motors. Fastag to fAstag on carts from 1 January

Fastag will be required to cross the toll from 1 January 2021 on the carts. Drivers will pay double charge without the National Highway Toll without a fasterg. At present, 80% of the lines on the toll plaza are being used in the cache of faster and 20 percent lines. All Lives will be fastened from January 1. Your faster account will have to keep at least 150 rupees. National Fastagag Black will be listed. Investment will change in mutual funds

In the interest of investors, market regulator SEBI has made some changes in the rules of mutual funds to reduce risk.  SEBI has amended the asset allocation rules for multicap mutual funds.  Under the new rules, 75 per cent of funds will now have to invest in equities, up from at least 65 per cent currently.  The structure of multi-cap funds will change as per the new rules of SEBI.  It will be necessary to invest 25-25 per cent in midcap and smallcap.  At the same time, 25 percent will have to stop at large caps.  Previously, fund managers allocated according to their choice.  Currently the weightage of largecap is higher in multicap.  The new rule will take effect on January 1, 2021.
 More charges will have to be paid for UPI payment from January 1
From January, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and PhonePay transactions will incur additional charges.  Indeed, NPCI has decided to impose additional charges on UPI Payment Services operated by third party application providers from January 1.  NPCI has imposed a 30 per cent cap on third party apps in the new year. However, Paytm will not have to pay this charge.

 The way you call from a landline will change

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