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Thursday, 12 November 2020

"Aanand Yatra" 12-11-2020, Pre-Primary Education Fortnight (Anandyatra)' by GCERT-Gandhinagar magazine

"Aanand Yatra" 12-11-2020, Pre-Primary Education Fortnight (Anandyatra)' by GCERT-Gandhinagar magazine

GCERT-Gandhinagar will send an issue every day from November 08 to November 23, 2020 under the celebration of 'Pre-Primary Education Fortnight (Anandyatra)'. There will be various activities, nursery rhymes, games etc. Please see it for yourself and send it to all teacher friends and parents-children. Today we are sending the issue of day-2 with this.Director,GCERT,Gandhinagar.

"Aanand Yatra" Date 11-11-2020 | GCERT-ગાંધીનગર દ્વારા 'પૂર્વ પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષણ પખવાડિયા (આનંદયાત્રા)' ની ઉજવણી 
🗞️ વિવિધ પ્રવૃત્તિઓ, બાળગીત, બાળ રમતો વગેરે હશે. 
🗞️ ધોરણ 1-2 માં બાળકો માટે ખૂબ જ ઉપયોગી
🗞️ આપ પોતે તે નિહાળો તેમજ તમામ શિક્ષક મિત્રો અને વાલીઓ- બાળકો  સુધી મોકલો એવી વિનંતિ.  
According to the above subject and context, periodic values ​​test was conducted in July, August and September for the students of Std. 6 to 8 in each medium in the primary schools for the purpose of assessing the values ​​along with homling during coVID19 period. 

You are requested to take further action from your level in view of the following matters regarding the criteria to be taken in the month of October. 

In the month of October, environmental tests will be taken in Std. 3 and 4, environment and mathematics test will be taken in Std. 5 while in Std. 6 to 8, test of mathematics, science and social science subject will be taken. 

The school should ensure that all students have reached the answer booklet for the unit test (PAT). Teachers should pay special attention to ensure that students without devices have received the paper for the Unit Test (PAT) on time and passed the examination. The headmaster / principal should ensure that the teachers have provided feedback and guidance to all the students based on the performance of the unit test (PAT) and have updated the education plan for each of these students.

"Aanand Yatra" 11-11-2020, Pre-Primary Education Fortnight (Anandyatra)' by GCERT-Gandhinagar magazine

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