Diwali: Shopping on Dhanteras increases prosperity 13 times, buying gold, silver, land, vehicle, utensils, broom is very auspicious

Diwali: Shopping on Dhanteras increases prosperity 13 times, buying gold, silver, land, vehicle, utensils, broom is very auspicious
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 Diwali: Shopping on Dhanteras increases prosperity 13 times, buying gold, silver, land, vehicle, utensils, broom is very auspicious

 Ahmedabad 19 hours ago

 This time Dhanteras has brought a special yoga of two days shopping.  Which will begin on Thursday and be celebrated until Saturday.  According to mythology, a thing bought on Dhanteras does not spoil quickly.  It grows 13 times.  So people buy gold, silver, land, vehicles and utensils etc. on Dhanteras.  Like other things, there is a unique tradition of buying a broom on this day.  Let us know why we should buy a broom on the day of Dhanteras.  And what its significance is.

 According to Matsya Purana
 The broom is considered to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi.  While the broom in the Great Code destroys happiness and evil spirits.  The broom alleviates poverty in the home and its use also alleviates human poverty.  Also, cleaning the house with a new broom on this day relieves the debt.

Draupadi was married because of the broom
 Lord Krishna told Arjuna-Draupadi in the Mahabharata the story of marrying a broom, gaining strength through weakness and becoming rich.  According to mythology, Draupadi was not getting married to Arjuna.  The waste is then believed to have been cleaned with a broom.  And finally Draupadi and Arjuna got married.  From the beginning there has been a tradition of hiding a broom in the house and in the right place.  The broom should never be raised.  It is also believed that holding a broom increases hostility.  The house has a tradition of keeping the broom in the right place by always hiding it.  Which does not cause evil power and harassment of enemies.

 Don't buy these things by mistake on Dhanteras, bad luck can come
 Dhanteras has a special significance in Hinduism.  The festival of Diwali begins on this day.  And especially people buy.  But let me tell you, there are some such things today.  Which is inauspicious to buy.  If you don't know, read this article.  Buying these goods on Dhanteras can invite misfortune.

 Don't buy ironware on the day of Dhanteras.  According to astrology, iron is considered to be Saturnic.  So on this day you can fall victim to the wrath of Saturn to buy anything of iron.

 Like iron, aluminum is also influenced by Rahu.  Therefore, on the day of Dhanteras, aluminum utensils or any goods should not be brought home.

 Usually people buy steel utensils on this day which is not appropriate.  Steel is also a factor of Rahu.  Therefore, it is not auspicious to bring steel utensils home on this day.  On the day of Dhanteras only natural metals are auspicious, while steel is man-made.

 Your mind is tempted to see beautiful things made of glass, but don’t make the mistake of buying them on the day of Dhanteras.  Glass belongs to Rahu.

 Don't buy anything black on this day and bring it home.  Black is not considered auspicious in Hinduism.  So, don’t buy any black item on the auspicious day of Dhanteras.

 There is a tradition of giving and receiving gifts on Diwali, but do not give gifts to anyone on the day of Dhanteras.  Because, you spend to buy a gift for someone and that too on the day of Dhanteras i.e. you are giving Lakshmi of your house to someone else.  Which is considered very ominous.  So never buy a gift on the day of Dhanteras.  Shop before or after.

Shopping on Dhanteras increases prosperity 13 times, gold, silver, land, vehicle, utensils, broom are very auspicious


 Is it auspicious to buy?

 Buying gold and silver is auspicious.  Among them, silver is especially considered auspicious, as it is dear to Kubera, the god of wealth.

 It is also considered auspicious to buy a vessel to fill water on this day.

 On this day you can buy various idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi, which are worshiped on Diwali.

 Buy earthen lamps on this day.

 Buying Lakshmiji Shri Yantra is also considered auspicious

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