Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi) 2020 New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi) 2020 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie :
Teachers Day 2020: In Tamil cinema, Jyotika is known for her female dominated films. On the occasion of this Teacher’s Day, Sony Max is going to show his film on the small screen, ‘Madam Geeta Rani’ which has been released recently.
You will be able to watch this entertaining family drama on September 5 at 8.00 pm on Teachers Day. ‘Madam Geeta Rani’ is a Tamil dubbed version of Jyothika’s hugely popular film ‘Raatchasi’ written and directed by Syed Gautamraj. It is called S. R. Prakash Babu and S. R. Prabhu has created under the banner of ‘Dream Warrior Pictures’. Starring Harish Peradi, Purnima Bhagyaraj, Satyan Naginedu and Araldaus in the lead roles.

Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi) 2020 New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie:

Madam Geeta Rani’ is the story of Geeta Rani, a government school teacher who uses different methods to improve an uncontrolled government school. In this work he faces many challenges including a corrupt M.A. L.A. Also included. In this journey full of many ups and downs, Gita’s efforts to identify herself and improve the society are very inspiring.

Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi) 2020 New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie:

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