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Sunday, 30 August 2020


The Gujarat Government conducts unit tests in the primary schools of the state.  The unit test is taken by the government on Saturdays. When the unit test reaches the schools, the unit test is arranged to be delivered to the children by the teachers within the time limit.  These kids sit at home and write the unit test themselves.  Children write these unit tests honestly under the supervision of their parents or under the guidance of their elder siblings and complete the task of writing the unit test within the time limit.  The answers to the next unit test are to be taken in the month of August. The answers of this unit test have been published on this blog.  Children who write the unit test, their teachers come home and take the unit test with them, then those children will be able to see for themselves how many of their answers are correct through the answer book of this unit test.
  This unit test will be helpful to the children who are writing the unit test with complete honesty.Teachers determine the educational level of children on the basis of this unit test taken in primary school.  This unit test is taken based on the ability of the children. The questions asked in the unit test are based on the study outcomes. In the unit test of the children studying in primary school, these children are evaluated by the teachers based on the answers to the questions asked based on the study outcomes.  .  When the unit test is checked by the teacher, the children are assessed on the basis of their study results and the forms are filled.  This unit then becomes very important for test children.  It is very important that students write these answers honestly while sitting at home when they write the answers of the unit test.  Children are expected to respond honestly under parental supervision when writing the answers to the unit test.  This unit test has been evaluated by the teachers after the students have written the unit test. Students can also evaluate themselves on the basis of not answering this unit test published on this blog.  The students can evaluate the marks obtained in the unit test based on the answers of the students. The responsibility of the various unit tests published on this blog is very helpful for the students to evaluate themselves. The unit test written to the students by the teachers.  Yes, but this assessment can be done based on the assessment of the children and they can know how many marks they have got.
Children who are looking at this answer and evaluating their own merits are convinced of what study conclusions they have not been able to achieve on their own.  The student has worked harder to achieve what he has not been able to achieve and has made efforts to achieve more by achieving more in the coming Punah test.The various unit tests published through this blog as well as its answers will help the students to know their progress and their achievement.  Yes, through the blog,

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