Video Massage of Hon. PM Modi of on International Day of Yoga Regarding Letter SSA Gujarat

Video Massage of Hon. PM Modi of on International Day of Yoga 
Regarding Letter SSA Gujarat. Date- 17/06/2020. More Information Please Read Official Paripatra.
Resolution At the end of Adult Consideration, the powers conferred on the powers conferred on the Section 5 of the Mumbai Primary Education Act, and section 4 of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Act, section 370 are as follows.  Resolution The new academic year for the next academic year, ie 2020, will start from April 1, 2019 and the summer vacation will remain unchanged from four to May 2020 to seven by June 2020.
Subject : Video Massage of Hon. PM Modi of on International Day of Yoga
Paripatra by : SSA Gujarat
Date : 17/06/2020

Participate in International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2020 reg.
Reference: Date of the Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India - 19/06/2020 Email Letter Regarding the above subject and reference 18/ 06/2020 Yoga Day declared. With that in mind, respect the Google Drive and V Transfer link as stated in the accompanying letter from the Government of India. The video of the Prime Minister's Yoga Day can be viewed at the following link. So for maximum publicity of this video link through electronic media, digital channel and social media, instruct all the offices under your district as well as BRC / CRC as well as school principals / teachers, students and parents to watch this video link from your level.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi's video message on the occasion of International Yoga Day. - A video message of the Hon'ble Prime Minister has been given to all to participate in the International Day (IDY) of the Commission of the Ministry of AYUSH. Given the current situation, COVID-19 has given important guidance and instructions especially for the International Yoga Day (IDY) 2020 to be held on 21st June 2020.
 In this regard, the Hon'ble Prime Minister has given a video message appealing to all to participate in the International Day. Instructions are also given for sharing through all media.
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the Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board will have to circular through Gandhinagar.  The Resolution The primary schools belonging to the District Panchayat Nagar Panchayat Maha Municipality, which are approved by the Government of Gujarat, are set up by the Government of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, registered in Gandhinagar.  This resolution applies to this section  Received permission from the date of the note of the Government No. 20 of 2020 on the same file is released Agreement.
Video Massage of Hon. PM Modi of on International Day of Yoga Regarding Letter SSA Gujarat


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