Release of cluster performance report card online.

Release of cluster performance report card online.

You are delighted that a school monitoring system has been developed to facilitate classroom visits to the government-aided and ashram schools based CRC BRC co-ordinator and target, to improve the quality and quality of primary education throughout the education campaign.  ... School monitoring run by the office here  Luster cluster state at the district level based on the performance of the given quarter and annually ranks and grades.

Under the heading, the Performance Grading Index Indicator has been designated by MHRD to provide stage performances.  To measure plaster performance from the state level, the pgi indicator and other important indicators of the state have been generated by the Trust's Quarterly Performance Report Card.  The Cluster Performance Report Card is available at the district blog cluster level login on the hotel's school monitoring app at w dot ssa.gujarat.org.  This report card will know the status of the quality of primary education in your district by taking special efforts for the poster that gets the least result, how to improve the plaster result and improve your post to promote and get good results in your district.  Do try.

Release of cluster performance report card online.

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