Current Affairs 19 March, 2020,Rajasthan Government announced maternity benefits for SECOND CHILD

Current Affairs
19 March, 2020
Rajasthan Government announced maternity benefits for SECOND CHILD
  • Rajasthan government will give Rs. 6000/- for the birth of the second child.

  • This scheme was primarily announced for 4 districts where nutrition indicators among the children and anemia levels among the Mothers are worse.
  1. Udaipur
  2. Pratapgath
  3. Banswara
  4. Dungarpur
  • Total expenditure for this is estimated to be Rs. 45 crore per year. The benefits will be received in 3 or 5 installments.
  • This state government scheme will complement the central government’s Pradhan-Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana which gives Rs. 5000/- for the birth of the first child.
Capital: Jaipur
ChiefMinister: Ashok Gehlot
Governor: Kalraj Mishra
Legislature Seats: 200 Seats
Parliament Seats:             
Rajya Sabha                  -  20 Seats
                 Lok Sabha                          - 25 Seats
Two Mathematician win Mathematics Nobel prize called ABEL PRIZE
  • The Abel Prize for Mathematics was awarded Wednesday to two PROBABILITY EXPERTS.
Hillel Furstenberg
Born: Sep 29, 1935 Berlin, Germany
Nationality: Israel, American
Institution: Hibru University of Jerusalem , Israel
Gregoy Margulis
Born: Feb 24, 1946 Moscow, Soviet Union
Nationality: Russian, American
Institution: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
AbelPrize: It is a Norwegian prize awarded annually by the king of Norway to one or more mathematicians.It is named after Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel (1802 – 1829) and directly modeled after the Nobel Prize.Started from: 2003Prize: 7.5 million Norwegian Kroner
Janani Narayanan and Vrinda Rathi were named in International Panel of ICC Development Umpires
  • Janani from Tamilnadu and Vrinda from Mumbai were named in the International Panel of ICC Development Umpires.
ICC: International Cricket CouncilFormation: 15 June 1909Headquarter: Dubai, UAEMembership: 104 countriesChairman: Shashank ManoharCEO: Manu SawhaneyMotto: Cricket for Good
Government approves Rs. 7,660 crore for green highway project in 4 states
Total length of road: 780 km
States:(1) Uttar Pradesh     (2) Rajasthan       (3) Andhra Pradesh
(4) Himachal Pradesh
Project Under: Green National Highway Corridor Project(GNHCP)
  • World Bank will give Rs. 3550 Crore loan for this project.
World Bank:
: July 1944Headquarter: Washington, D.C., USMembership: 189 countriesPresident: David MalpassMD & CEO: Anshula KantMotto: Working for a World Free of Poverty
Short Notes
  • The maximum permissible limits of Uranium is 0.03 mg/l in all drinking water as per WHO provisional guidelines.
  • India will provide 107.01 million Nepali Rupees for the new school building in Nepal in Darchula, Dhanusha and Kapilvastu District.
  • “An Extraordinary Life” is a new book which is a biography of Manohar Parrikar who served as a chief Minister of Goa.
  • The Kerala state government has launched a hand washing mission campaign called “Break the Chain”.
  • Karnataka state is the first state to apply Epidemic Diseases COVID-19 Regulation, 2020.
  • Rajasthan applied section144 because of COVID-19. (Section 144 – More than 5 people cannot be gathered at any public place.)
  • ECI (Election Commission of India) appoints Hridesh Kumar as new Chief Electoral Officer of Jammu & Kashmir. (Hridesh Kumar is an IAS officer of 1999 batch)
  • Supreme Court clears permanent commission for women in Indian Army and Navy. This judgement is given by the panel which is led by D.Y.Chandrachud.
  • Euro-2020 Football tournament postponed by one year because of COVID-19.

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