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Friday, 14 February 2020

Subject to the approval of Hon'ble SPD Shri on reference note regarding implementation of Meena's world program :- " MEENA NI DUNITA TODAY EPISODE:-JARA SOCH KE DEKHO"

Subject to the approval of Hon'ble SPD Shri on reference note regarding implementation of  Meena's world program:-


According to the above subject and reference, the program of Meena's world program will be aired on all the primary schools and KGBVs of the state from May 2, 2019.  As planned, the concerned persons are asked to provide the following instructions from your level for monitoring and monitoring of the work done at the school level for implementation of the Head Program.
• This program is for children from standard 6 to 8.
• The program will be broadcast two days a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
*The program will be aired through GCERT through broadcasting through the channel number 6 7 and 8 of the Gujarat program.
* which will be reported at the school level.  No activities were planned in the school during the program's broadcasting time.

* A soft copy of the literature episode guideline schedule prepared under the Regular Program should be sent to all the schools.  List of Classes 7 and 8 displayed in schools  Giving. 
* It is the responsibility of the Headmaster of the school to administer the Head Program.  All BRC Co-ordinator Shri URC Co-ordinator Shri and CRC Co-ordinator Shri Online diary as per the on-line diary of the Government which visit the school on Tuesday and Friday in their school.  It is important to monitor whether the program can be heard and at what time the program is heard.

➤In addition, the Head Teacher of the school or any one of the teachers who filled in the google form prepared for monitoring by the office on the same day that the program is aired, will have to upload the form for up to 8 hours on the same day.  Link to upload google monitoring form.

➤The Assistant District Coordinator will ensure that schools are done during the Girls' Education Program as well as in the monitoring system of Meena's world program, the head teacher from the school level, Shri Acharyasree, the teacher of the school, ensures that the information is uploaded as per the time sheet in the program.


➤The BRC Co-ordinator, at the Taluka level, should instruct the Acharya to inform the Acharya by filling up the form and upload the regular form for monitoring.  Due to unforeseen circumstances in a school, those who cannot hear the passage of the day will have to receive the episode of soft day by email or whatsapp from the teacher at the district level.  Letter from the Coordinator URC Co-ordinator Mr. as well as Assistant District Coordinator of that district Mr. Girls Education to the school at the district level.  To get toll-free number of the district as well as all education campaign office of the state to get program responses and suggestions to all the school.  Giving in the rate schools  According to the instructions given in the year 2018 19, to set up the Meena Forum and send the change report received to the office here by august 2019 to check the effectiveness of the human brain in the year 2018.  It is a humble request to be instructed.

Subject to the approval of Hon'ble SPD Shri on reference note regarding implementation of Suba Meena's world program.

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