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Sunday, 1 December 2019

SAS Raja angeni samaj babat Official pdf

SAS Raja angeni samaj babat Official pdf

What if the mobile number is correct or updated but the username is different or there is a problem with the login?

If the number in the teacher's information is correct in the school, you can change your username once to make the mobile number the correct username.  There is a key in front of the teacher's name in the school login for him.  Once this key works, you will not be able to change your number .After updating the correct number and pressing this key, the mobile number immediately entered in the system will become a user name and the password will come to the mobile number.

Once using this guide you can enter your correct mobile number and create your username and password.  You can also change it as well. It is important to take special care that this work can be done only once .If you are going to try it again the second time, this key will not work.  So it is a gentle request to the teacher friends that if you do not have a username and password in the sas portal today you can create your username and password using this newly created function. It is important to note that your mobile number is not correct.  You have to update and then whenever you update the mobile number its password will come to the correct mobile number.
In order to improve the primary education in the state, the unit was tested by taking four times a month from standard 1 to 9. The elementary teachers demanded to be taken only once a month as the unit was not going to be out of the test. Students from standard 3 to 8 were tested every Saturday by a subject unit that included the same course of study as Saturday, but the teachers were confused about how much of the unit to spend every Saturday during the week, including the station. The unit was raised in demanding teachers to be taken once a month for the tests. It is worth mentioning that after giving

SAS Raja angeni samaj babat Official pdf

SAS Teacher profile update karva mate Raja angeni samaj mate new official pdf file. aa file download karya bad profile update karasho.

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