Pragna Grant BABTE LETEST CIRCULER 5/12/2019

Pragna Grant BABTE LETEST CIRCULER 5/12/2019

In order to improve the primary education in the state, the unit was tested by taking four times a month from standard 1 to 9. The elementary teachers demanded to be taken only once a month as the unit was not going to be out of the test. Students from 

standard 3 to 8 were tested every Saturday by a subject unit that included the same course of study as Saturday, but the teachers were confused about how much of the unit to spend every Saturday during the week, including the station. The unit was raised in demanding teachers to be taken once a month for the tests. It is worth mentioning that after giving complete timetable of the unit test with full attention, the principal of the school was ordered to take the exam accordingly. Since that time, the entire education campaign in the work exam Trivedi has stated in the standard standards of primary school The entire education campaign was mentioned in the circular of the project director Indian Bharti as the school can compose the cost of the unit test.

Pragna Grant BABTE LETEST CIRCULER 5/12/2019


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