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Training was done to zonal / sector magistrates about preparations for pre-voting and preparatory work during the polling day. In the Lok Sabha General Elections 19, Additional District Magistrate Anil Kumar Mishra gave general instructions to the Zonal / Sector Magistrate through ParvPoint presentation that in the assembly constituencies covered in parliamentary constituency, Jhansi, in Lalitpur, total 14 zonal Magistrate and 104 Sector Magistrates have been appointed, out of which Lalitpur In Idhansba area 05 zonal magistrates and 51 sector magistrates and Mahroni have appointed 09 zonal magistrates and 53 sector magistrates in the constituency. The zonal and sector magistrates appointed at the time of polling will be given a cap of different colors. All Presiding Officers will collect the necessary material for election from the ARO. Sector Magistrate will make all the necessary material related to elections to the Presiding Officers from time to time. This time the process of mockpole is being adopted in the election. Process of mockpole will be done at polling booths at 06 p.m. on polling day. Under this, all the Presiding Officers will make 50 moppoles in videography monitor. If the process of mockpole is not completed on a polling booth, then its responsibility will be of the presiding officers. This time, instead of voter slip, 11 types of identity cards have been kept in the category of voter identity card for voters. All Presiding Officers will get the voting material after reaching the departure point. District Collector / District Election Officer Manvendra Singh instructed the Assistant District Election Officer in his address in the training that from April 25, government vehicles will be provided to all sectors and zonal magistrates. After getting the vehicle available to the Sector and Zonal Magistrates, they should submit at least 02 visits in their respective areas immediately and report the sensitive areas immediately. In order to stand for more time in the day of polling, the disabled voters and the Divya category will be arranged separately for voters, so that they do not face any problem. On the absence of many officials in the training, the District Magistrate was strongly condemned and clarified with the absent officers. In the meeting, Additional District Magistrate Anil Kumar Mishra, Project Director DRDA Baliram Verma, Sub-District Collector Sadar Gajal Bhardwaj, Jnanal and Sector Magistrate appointed in both the State Legislatures were present.

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