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Home Learning -Online Education by DD Girnar and YOU-TUBE,dated-21/01/2021

H ome Learning -Online Education by DD Girnar and YOU-TUBE,dated-21/01/2021 The Gujarat government is running a project called home learning so that school children can study in the Corona epidemic. A project called Home Learning has been launched by the Government of Gujarat to make it easier for stu…


They will now have to fill up the form, providing relevant information like Permanent Account Number, name, address, email id, phone number, etc. One should ensure that they do not click on any of the boxes on the left hand 8phs should be submitted. One should also submit proof of the existing card which they wish to reprint.

A payment towards getting a replacement card should be made. This payment depends on the communication address to which they want the card delivered, with it being Rs 107 if the address is within India and Rs 989 if it is outside India. Payment can be made either through net banking, debit/credit card or demand drafts.

Once payment is made and all supporting documents are submitted, an acknowledgment will be provided. This is a unique 15 digit number which can be used for future correspondence with authorities.

Post verification of documents, the PAN card will be dispatched, with it likely to take around 2 weeks for the same.

Pdf-1 Pravas Manjuri (Word File)
Pdf-2 Pravas Manjuri Mate Arajino Namuno (Word File)

Pdf-3 Pravas Manjuri Mateni File (Word File)

Pdf-4 Pravas Sahamati Patrak (Excel File)

Pdf-5 Pravasma Janar Balako ni Yadi (Excel File)

Pdf-6 Pravas Manjuri Mate Vali nu Sammati Patrak (Word File)

For Download Click Here.

Pdf-1 || Pdf-2 || Pdf-3 || Pdf-4 || Pdf-5 || Pdf-6

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